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Seeing as the AC adapter can be plugged directly into the 3DS, what's the point of using the charging cradle?
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Small convenience only. I do legitimately appreciate it though. When on the verge of sleep, merely placing the 3DS down onto the cradle next to my bed is much nicer than searching for the right cord (among the DS and PSP cords in the same spot) and concentrating enough to plug it in.

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No multiplayer games yet.
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When the 3DS updates Nintendo Video does it delete the previous four videos?  Is it possible to get them back or to otherwise download and watch them in 3D on the 3DS?  I'd like to be able to show some of the old ones to my friend and family when I see them over the holidays.

Also, I think this would be cool in 3D on the 3DS's Nintendo Video channel:
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If you are a 3DS Ambassador (bought it before the price drop), go download your 10 free GBA games now!
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Good stuff. Unfortunately my brother brought the 3DS to his finals today and hasn't come home yet...

I really wish they'd actually go through with adding GBA games as a regular Virtual Console release. It also kinda bums me out that they're not utilizing its full potential like multiplayer. Granted, it would a more likely to happen if the GBA games weren't an Ambassador Program exclusive.
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I bought my 3DS on July 27th, 2012. There have been about 576 hours since then.

Of those 576 hours,

about 144 were spent sleeping
about 102 were spent at work
about 22 were spent driving to and from work

for a total of 268 non-discretionary hours, leaving 308 discretionary hours.

According to my Activity Log, I have used my 3DS for a total of about 97 hours to date.

This accounts for approximately 31.5% of all discretionary hours since purchase (though this does include considerable amounts of multitasking, as well as the ~2.5 hours to transfer my DSiWare games and photos).

Nearly one-tenth of that time was spent playing Mario's Picross, which I just bought two days ago.

(Despite the biological imperative, I do not count eating as non-discretionary hours, as it would be possible to watch Netflix on my 3DS while eating.)
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I'm proud to say that I've never used StreetPass, SpotPass, SwapNote, or any other silliness of the sort.

>inb4 LD calls me a Neo-Luddite
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My Activity Log wouldn't be accurate anyway. I'm almost ashamed to admit, but I've been changing the date a couple of times to get more Play Coins so I can finish the Find Mii quests.

I'm near the end of the second quest for the first time, but there are still multiple paths I can take..
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