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From my mother's side I am from Scandinavia and/or Finland.  From my father's side I am from Germany*.  Genetically speaking I am European and 2.8 percent neanderthal according to 

What about you? 

* I have been told that my name is German for "Small House" or Schaus which was misspelled and mispronounced as Shows** in America. 

** Imagine saying, "How's it going?", and pronounce "Shows" in a similar fashion. 
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My dad is adopted, so all we know is that his mother was likely of English or Scottish ancestry, and his father was likely Canadian Aboriginal judging by my dad's hair/eye colour and skin tone.

My mom's family as been traced back to a Dutchman born around 1680. His descendants lived in the same town for over 250 years until immigrating to Alberta after the War.
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Mom = German Italian
Dad = Ukrainian Slaovisckehrenfdf--Somewhere else in Eastern Europe.
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My mom's family: English/Scottish.
My dad's family: English/Scottish.

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While we haven't done all the genealogizing, almost all Americans with my mom's maiden name can be traced back to a single British immigrant, who himself can be traced back to the 1100s or so.

I don't know anything about my dad's side.
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Maternal: English. Apparently a bit of Spanish somewhere along the line? But I think that was just to make me feel better.
Paternal: Australian as far back as I've cared to ask, that said I think my dad's side is Irish if it's back far enough.
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Maw: Italian/Irish
Grampa: Italian
Gramma: Irish

Paw: Italian
Grampa: Italian
Gramma: Italian

This means I'm 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Irish.


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These are approximations, of course:
~1/2 German
~3/8 English
~1/8 Dutch

I think I have some other stuff in there, too. But I'm definitely of Northern European descent.
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Hi, I'm new here so I'm just going to jump right in.
I am related to vikings from Norway and Ireland on my father's side.
I am 75% German and 25% Irish.

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Irish vikings? How horrifying!
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Mom - 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 white (I am not sure, definitely partly Scottish and Irish)
Mom's Mom - Japanese
Mom's Dad - Scottish and Irish as far as I know.
Dad - white (I dunno what he is like German and Irish and maybe Scottish I think)

Not sure about my dad's folks, other than they're pretty white. I like to say that I'm 1/4 Japanese (all I really know), 1/4 Scottish (probably not true), an the rest is just a vague mix of boring white stuff.

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I have no idea about my mom's side of the family, but my great great grandfather immigrated here from Germany.