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Height: Left
Hand: Right

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Luigison, you were right, I edited the post where I said I slept on my side, I meant my stomach, I was just thinking about my head when I typed that.  BTW, Meowrik was the one who "calles" it that.

All these people are taller than me!  Thank Gosh I'm younger than most of you.  I think.

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Trainman, just because I'm ambidextrous doesn't mean I know how to spell it.

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Height: 5'2
Hand: Left
Foot: Left, but I step with my right one first.
Eye: Left (both are 20/20, but when I'm using one eye to look thru something, I use my left.)
Political Beliefs: Right
Age: 17.7 Earth years
Most recently beaten video game: LoZ:OoT (on Collector's Edition Disc)--yesterday
Bored status: Very :P

Edit: D'OH! Bad math for age. I was thinking June would be .5, and not March. June 20 should be .75. >_<

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Height: 71"

Mass: 61235 g

Feet: 11.5 US

Eyes: 20/10

Age 261 months

Hand: Both, depends

Brain: Both

Political: Up


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Political:  Center.  "Centrists favor selective government intervention and emphasize practical solutions to current problems.  They tend to keep an open mind on new issues.  Many centrists feel that government serves as a check on excessive liberty."
“Evolution has shaped us with perceptions that allow us to survive. But part of that involves hiding from us the stuff we don’t need to know."

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Height: 6'0"

Hand: Right

Foot: I don't know. I had my brother shove my but I think I was conscious of it so who knows.

Eye: Poor - nearsighted w/ astigmatism

Political Beliefs: Left-Liberal

"Left-Liberals prefer self-government in personal matters and central decision-making on economics. They want government to serve the disadvantaged in the name of fairness. Leftists tolerate social diversity, but work for economic equality."

Age: 19.1 Earth years

Most recently beaten video game: Pikmin - all parts on first try. The boss is hard!

Bored status: Never

Marital status: I've got a fever...booty fever. ~Dominic Armano

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WOAH! That thing about sleeping on your back is Friggin' SCARY! Anyhoo, I usually sleep on my sides.

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I sleep face-down in my pillow. Yea.

Eye: Neither. They're both really defective.
Intelligence: Yes. Quite a lot.
Brain: Resounding Left. If not for the trumpet, I'd have NO right brained talents at all, I don't think.
Political stance: Libertarian, accoring to the test, but I am NOT supporting the school voucher system, EVER, so I will never vote Libertarian. The school voucher system will be the end of any traces of intelligence in future generations if it is implemented. Although I do agree with a lot of the other Libertarian guidelines, but a resounding NO to school vouchers.


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I just got an Interesting idea. This Halloween, we start a topic and each of us tell about scary movies we've seen, nightmares we've had etc. Sadly, Halloween is long way from now, Bummer. Oh well, we can wait.

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I just typed half a page, but when I tried to post it my password was wrong so everything was lost.  Arrrgg!
“Evolution has shaped us with perceptions that allow us to survive. But part of that involves hiding from us the stuff we don’t need to know."

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Height: 6'1"
Hand: Right
Foot: Right
Eye: Left, or at least they tell me so
Brain: Like 70% right and 30% left, if that's possible... I guess one side can't be 30% dominant, can it?
Age: 17.5
Most recently beaten video game: Hmm. Viewtiful Joe, on Kids mode... not too long and I'll beat Majora's Mask on the Zelda Collector's Edition disc.
Bored status: Never

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That was a joke.


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Umm vouchers are a Bush thing, not a Libertarian thing... I have no idea where you pulled that from.  If you do a web search for "voucher libertarian" on Google, you'll actually see several articles where they are generally against vouchers.


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What, you guys went and changed this from a strange poll into a normal one by adding a bunch of categories? *sighs* Okay, fine . . .

&#8594; Height: Done (not as in "Done growing" (though that's probably true), but "Done" in that I already presented this information).

&#8594; Hand: Also done, back in the day when this was a strange poll.

&#8594; Side Upon Which I Sleep: All, sorta. Usually I start out on my back, get all nice and drowsy, move to my stomach (with the right side of my head on my pillow), and fall asleep. If my stomach is upset, then I find that the best cure is lying on my left side. It is usually only when I am restless and can't sleep that I lay on my right side.

&#8594; Foot: Right, I think. Though when I jump, I take of with one foot and land with the other (or both). So which foot is more important? The one that makes me fly or the one that keeps me from crashing down and breaking bones? Except, when  I'm landing on oil and water, like I just did recently in a parking lot, I crash down, anyway. Thankfully I managed to do so without breaking any bones (but I was afraid I had at first).

&#8594; Eye: Uh, I don't know about you guys, but I find that seeing is easier when I use both. My eyesight is 20/20, but I'm partially colorblind. I don't have trouble seeing all the main colors, but telling different shades apart is often difficult for me.

&#8594; Political Beliefs: I try to let the Bible lead me on this one, which means right for social issues and who-knows-what for economic ones.

&#8594; Age: Precisely 19.5 years on June 23rd, which happens to be my older brother's 22nd birthday.

&#8594; Most Recently Beaten Video Game: Um, dang, that's difficult. I don't know . . . Kingdom of Loathing? Oh, no, that's just the only game I've played in forever. Umm . . . &#151;oh, now I remember! The Wind Waker!

&#8594; Bored Status: I just don't have the time to be bored anymore. Poor me.

&#8594; Marital Status: Today I went on the second date of my life. So far I have never had a girlfriend, and I have never gone out with an American girl. I know this stuff isn't actually about marriage, but Luigison is the only married member here, so this really isn't the most appropriate category, anyway.

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