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~Brain: I'm actually pretty well balanced in that, so both sides.
~Side on which I sleep: I'm most comfortable on my stomach, right side, or kind of halfway b/w both. I absolutely CANNOT sleep on my back; when I'm plugged and have to sleep that way, I practically go insane.

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"Umm vouchers are a Bush thing, not a Libertarian thing... I have no idea where you pulled that from. If you do a web search for "voucher libertarian" on Google, you'll actually see several articles where they are generally against vouchers."

I don't know; I was watching the news and they said some Libertarian (Or, at least that was what he claimed to be) guy was for vouchers. Meh, I don't know. Come to think of it, vouchers make no sense stacked with other Libertarian beliefs.

It doesn't matter; I can't vote for president until I'm 21 years 11 months old anyways, and I have the odds of me living that long at 2:1 against right now.


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I heard that sleeping on your back is the best for your heart. Then right, left, stomach get worse and worse for your heart in that order. I guess worse means "harder on your heart."

And isn't that right brain left brain jazz outdated thought?

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Hey, I don't "call" it that. That's the actual term.

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