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« on: August 23, 2001, 10:44:58 PM »
Hey everyone.  I just wanted to say how fun this summer was coming here.  From posting theories, to posting opinions, to keeping the peace on the board (smiles at $$Wario$$), I had a good time.

With college starting up again, my posts may become less frequent (or they may stay the same if I'm neglecting homework...), but I'll still pop in when I can.  Gotta finish "A Mario Adventure" in the story boards, afterall!

Keep an eye out for some Roy Koopa fan art, possibly coming soon.  See ya around!

--Roy Koopa
--Oldest and coolest of the Seven Koopa Kids!

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I will look forward to the rare occasion that a post is made by RoyKoopa.
(And expect to see some art from you)

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Ditto,hope to see the fan art if Deezer will put it up :)

One by one the penguins steal my sanity.