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Who agrees with me that the Guitar Hero Games are mostly just hype?
Probably likes Sonic games better than anyone else on the fungi forums.

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Pretty much no one.

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I think "hype" is entirely the wrong term for such a thing.
That was a joke.


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The GH games aren't hyped or overhyped or what have you; they've got the quality to back it up. Thing is, Neversoft's turned what was essentially an indie niche peripheral game and turned it into a massive, mass-market money machine (magnificently making monster monkies), which is both good and bad. For one, Neversoft isn't as good as Harmonix when it comes to translating sound into note charts. Whereas Harmonix will essentially match them up completely, regardless of difficulty, Neversoft designs the charts with sheer difficulty in mind. For example, in Reptilian in GH3, that catchy riff had you play notes that didn't actually exist (turn the band volume down and listen to just the guitar track, and you'll hear nothing when you hit those notes), just to make the song harder. And lead guitar plays bass synthesizer notes in Knights of Cydonia, which makes no sense to me.

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Pretty much true, Glorb the Orb, but I would like to point out that guitar plays huge piano parts in multiple Nine Inch Nails songs in RB.


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Well, that's because they didn't want the guitarist passing out from boredom (though that can't be helped if it's a NIN song!! ZING!!). They did the same thing for the sax solo in Frankenstein in GH1, if I recall. But at least they got those note charts right. Neversoft would still have you play them, but make everything a three-note chord and stick a bunch of soundless notes in between the other notes.

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In that everyone plays them? How's that bad?

What I hate is that it makes people fancy themselves as music experts. Anyone who says "OMG! I love the Beastie Boys, they were in GH3/RB!" is immediately a target of my hate.

No, I mean in that every new version is just basically the same game with a few new features and new songs - just like how Madden NFL is just always the same game with a new roster and a few new features. The problem is, no one can really blame them for not innovating, as franchises like these couldn't really change at all without wrecking their fanbase. Still, it gets annoying when games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band overshadow more innovative releases.

And before anyone says "Smash Brothers is the same way," keep in mind that nintendo only releases one Smash Brothers per console, and each version has a TON of new features, characters, modes, unlockable content, etc - not just a minimal ammount. Plus, each new game improves, while Guitar Hero and Rock Band stay basically the same. Also, we're like on the 6th Guitar Hero, and it hasn't been even 5 years yet.
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Well, see, if the first game in a series is absoluetely awesome and achieves exactly what it set out to do, then there's not much to improve on, so you'll have to add more features. GH1 didn't have any major flaws of any sort unless you counted some below-par song covers, so all GH2 did was improve the window of time for hammer-ons and add a co-op mode while keeping the game quality itself high.

Innovation only works if you've got the gameplay to back it up. Alone in the Dark (the new one) is a perfect example of this.

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Gameplay is a non-word.

Say it again: "Innovation only works if you've got a good game to back it up".


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