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Mother 3...Shigesato Itoi...need I say more?

Of course I do!  For those of you who are familiar with the Mother series (aka the EarthBound series).  Now then, I've played a lot of super nintendo RPGs, and EarthBound surpassed them all by far.  I enjoyed it way more than Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 3.  Speaking of which, I haven't even finished FF3 yet, but I'm at the end.  EarthBound, however, had the lasting power on me and I've finished it time and time again.  But how does the sequel hold up what with not having the original characters in it?

Surprisingly well!  Usually it takes me a while to beat a game because I have such a busy life, but I pretty much sat down and played all the way through Mother 3 right to the end.  What a glorious game, and what a followup...I'm tempted to say it's better than EarthBound.  The storyline was AMAZING, the characters had brilliant personalities, and the game had the same humorous dialogue and interesting battles that I held dear in the last game.  Actually, the storyline blew me away completely.  It held together so brilliantly right until the end of the game.  The side stories were all done surprisingly well.

The only kicker was that unfortunately the game didn't come out in North America...I guess EarthBound's poor sales were to blame, but rather than catering to the minority, they didn't want to take the risk...I guess for money hungry reasons, but I'd love to see this game come out here.  Especially since they threw Lucas and New Pork City into brawl...kind of a tease in my opinion.  I'm sure anyone else who's played will agree.

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