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So about four months ago, I got Resident Evil 2 - N64 version for dirt cheap at eBay for $4.25, and so far I feel that I've got my money's worth.

Recently, I thought that I might as´╗┐ well record myself playing through it and offer my commentary on ii just for the heck of it in the best possible quality presented, with the Expansion Pak and recorded through S-Video!

In this playthrough, I went though the game on the Claire A / Leon B scenario with both A ranking, no spray-cans, no saving, with a time of "03:03:30" & "03:43:57", respectfully, with some of the N64 options turned on. In this same run, I happened to unlock 4th Survivor. There is however, a chance that I'll redo the entire Leon B scenario again from the ground up for time, integrity, and quality purposes.

I understand that there exist a LOT of Resident Evil 2 playthroughs and videos, but at the same time there's not a lot of good quality videos of the N64 version. I'm adding commentary to this video run. Not vocal commentary (thank god for us all), but more like annotations that will consist of nerd trivia, jokes, personal reflection on certain parts, pointing out oddities, opinions, and more! If you are interested, rate my vids and subscribe! Also, PEMNAS stands for "PLEASE EXCUSE MY NOOB ASS SKILLS". I invented the term myself.

So far I've already completed the Claire A scenario of my run, but I have plans to start the Leon B scenario.
For now, I'd like to present parts starting from Part 0 through Part 19!

Claire A Finished:
Part 0 - Leon A - Opening + Leon A Failure
Part 1 - Restart: Claire A - The Terror Begins + Robert Kendo
Part 2 - Claire A - Marvin Branagh & Licker
Part 3 - Claire A - Brad & the Special Key
Part 4 - Claire A - Library + Outdoors
Part 5 - Claire A - Herbs Are Awesome
Part 6 - Claire A - N64 Costume + Marvin Dies
Part 7 - Claire A - Chief Irons + Sherry Birkin
Part 8 - Claire A - Sherry's Adventure
Part 9 - Claire A - The Press Room
Part 10 - Claire A - Death of the Psycho
Part 11 - Claire A - Penis-Headed Monster
Part 12 - Claire A - Raccoon City Sewage
Part 13 - Claire A - Annette Birkin + Giant Ass Alligator
Part 14 - Claire A - The Marshalling Yard + Factory
Part 15 - Claire A - G-Birkin Battle + Underground Laboratory
Part 16 - Claire A - G-Vaccine + Annette's Fate
Part 17 - Claire A - Escape From Laboratory with G-Vaccine
Part 18 - Claire A - Third Malformation Of G
Part 19 - Claire A Finale + Credits + Special Note From Me


Leon B:
Coming Soon! REAL SOON.

--Now about the N64 version--

The Nintendo 64 version is known for, at the time, its technological breakthrough in inserting two 600+MB PlayStation CDs worth of (redundant) data in a 512Mbit/64MB cartridge. This port, done by Angel Studios, also features some additional exclusive content, including a new control scheme (dubbed "First Person Controls") an "Item Randomizer", a Violence Adjuster, and Blood Color Adjuster. But of course, for the last two you would always want the maximum amount of violence and pure red blood in any horror game, right?  Other features include new costumes made by Angel Studios, the developer that ported RE2 to N64 alongside Capcom, and the new, detailed EX Files.

The graphics actually look somewhat better than the PS version, there is very little clipping on the character models and they're smooth and feature no blocky-ness. Unlike the Saturn port of RE1, Capcom didn't sacrifice the character models much to work with Nintendo 64. The SAT version had some ugly models, IMO.

Anyone have a copy of this game? I think this is overall the best port of the game I've played yet. I wanted to get the GameCube port, but 1) It's overpriced a bit 2) It doesn't have the features that the N64 version has 3) The controls for that port kinda suck from what I read.

Anyways, I will be updating this thread whenever I get more videos and commentary done. Stay Tuned!
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I got my first taste of Resident Evil from this version so it holds a special place in my heart. And the fact that it's a sweet port of a badass game doesn't hurt either.