Author Topic: Konomi announces DDR for PS3 for the 1st time.  (Read 2606 times)


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It's no real surprise that they'll include PlayStation®Move controls, but being able to record video from the PS Eye and upload it to social media sites was a little surprise to me.  Other obvious features include the ability to download songs, Dance Off, and the Workout Mode.  The later should make Arnold Schwarzenegger happy.

Count me in.  Who's with me?

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How long have they been writing it as one word like that?

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Forget DDR; I want Ninja Ninja Revolution.
That was a joke.


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Writing it all as one word must be an American thing (or just silly PR), because I'm pretty sure the arcade release that just came out is Dance Dance Revolution X2.

Hey, maybe Konami will finally put in options for LCD monitors for dealing with input lag!

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Forget DDR; I want Ninja Ninja Revolution.

I see what you did there.
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They better have Captain Jack (I know the guy's passed on, all the more reason to bring his songs back).

Ideally I'd want a mix that has all the songs from every previous game, but that'd be impossible and they'd be better off making the past songs downloadable content. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are doing it, why not DDR? The different mixes just have different songs, subtle interface changes, new features that I find pointless. It really is a game where you'd be better off making your own personal mix... and so I don't see how they hope to compete with Stepmania.

I remember buying DDRMAX for PS2 on a whim, played it, enjoyed it... then I realized Stepmania had -everything- about it nailed perfectly. The only difference was the PS2 game had a slightly choppy framerate, which is inexcusable given the accuracy expected of your steps. But it did introduce me to the song Synchronized Love (Red Monster Hyper Mix) by Joe Rinoie. Which I then proceeded to snag for Stepmania too. Great song.

DDR's the only series where I can say I feel great dancing to songs called Bumble Bee or Cutie Chaser or Pink Dinosaur. It's cheesy and yet so awesome.

...and I'd be interested in someone doing a count of how many songs in the series are love songs. Someone said 90% of all DDR music is love songs. They can't be too far off.
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There was a Captain Jack song in a DDR game as recently as Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA CS. None in SuperNOVA 2 or X, and don't ask me about X2 or any of the home releases on systems other than PS2.

The arcade mixes have worked the way you're describing for some time now, letting you access almost any song from a previous arcade mix (meaning nothing from specialized mixes and none of the US CS-exclusive tracks, among other things).

Fun fact: DDRMAX has at least two songs ("Follow Me" and "Flash In The Night") that have never been in another DDR game.

Also: "I'm a cowgirl, and I'm ridin' on my horse."

And: I'd say it's not anywhere near 90%, if only because a lot more than 10% of the songs in the games are instrumentals (to say nothing of how many songs have "PARANOiA," "Trip Machine," or "MAX" in the title).

(And I'm not a fan of StepMania nowadays. No reason to play official songs on there if you can't use a pad, and keyboard simfiles are retarded, because it's basically four-button beatmania at that point, except with anime music.)


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Hey guys, remember this? Well, it came out. Less than fifty actual songs, and most of the licenses are crap (though this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone). No doubles or edit mode. And they added some sort of crappy Star Power knockoff. And goods no longer break your combo. So...bad start for DDR on PS3.

(no one, not even the bemani community, really cares about DDR anymore anyway)

(The change to writing everything as one word happened earlier than I previously thought; I have PS2 cases that say Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA and Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2, and then it changes with DanceDanceRevolution X.)


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Hmm.  I didn't see any mention of dlc.  Anyone know if you can add songs to it?  I'd love to get back into DDR if my knees can take it. 
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There's been nothing announced yet about DLC.

The tracklist situation is slightly better than previously reported, with a few classic Konami Originals as unlockables (my previous source only listed new songs). But this new DDR game on PS3 still has fewer tracks than most of the PS2 DDR games, while costing at least twice as much.

Thus Konami continues to destroy the bemani games in their desperate attempts to appeal to the US audience. Depressing, really.