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I forget if there is already a thread like this, but...

I recently finished a challenge in SMB3: use only powerups and abilities found in SMB1. Mushrooms, Flowers, Stars and no carrying shells. I found that there are two levels that are impossible to do this challenge in, both of which are in World 7. The first Fortress (you have to have some kind of flying ability to reach the pipe in the large empty room) and 7-9 (it's a literal pipe maze, and there are some ice blocks blocking the path..)

Anyway, I was thinking of doing something similar in another game, and was curious about what kind of challenges others may have thought of (they don't have to be for Mario games neccesarily..)
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Most of the Kingdom Hearts games allow for self-imposed challenges.  It's possible in nearly all of them (if you count Final Mix+ in place of the second game) to go through the whole thing at level one.  Re:coded has cheat menus that increase enemy strength and HP while decreasing the player's own.  Using this feature, it's possible to do a 1 HP run of the whole game.

I did a No Dark Suit run of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes a while back.  Unfortunately it was also on Hypermode difficulty, so it was pretty unfun.
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Play through Outrageous in SMW as small Mario. No Yoshi.

Tower mode in DarkStalkers Chronicle is designed around this sort of thing; most floors require you to fulfill a certain condition (e.g. Dark Force finish, finish in under ten seconds) to advance on a given route, and some actively restrict you by disallowing, for example, punches or jumping.


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I did a true swordless run in Ocarina of Time, excluding the last hit on Ganon. Now I'm doing Adult Link's dungeons as a kid, except swordless. So far I completed the Forest (easier to complete swordless as a kid than as an adult :/), Shadow, and Spirit Temples as much as I can (in most cases this means beating the boss but not going in the crystal because the game freezes). I also got the Hookshot as a kid after trying for about an hour and a half. All I need to do now is complete the Water Temple (boss key not obtained yet) and the Fire Temple (need to head back to get more Bombchus).
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I did an All-BP run of Paper Mario 2. The only rule was that I had to upgrade my BP at level-ups, never my HP or FP. Wearing HP and FP Pluses was allowed.

Ultimately it became my first Danger Mario run, and after I gained the privilege to buy Power Rushes at the Pianta Parlor the game took less effort than smacking a baby (not that I'd ever do that!).

I wanted to do a Nuzlocke run through SoulSilver--you can only ever catch the first Pokémon you meet in each area and any Pokémon that faints counts as dead and can never be used again. I forgot that Falkner's team was leveled higher than in the original Gold and Silver and he kicked my ass. Then I decided "That's bull[dukar], I'm gonna continue," but the game froze and my save reverted to an older one. Yeah, it's what I get for pirating the game, but I'm sure as heck not erasing my HeartGold file.

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