Author Topic: what video game(s) computergame(s) woul the harlem globetrotters be best at?  (Read 2037 times)


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i'm doing a project for my 3rd period class and i decided to ask this question by making a survery to ask people what videogames and computer games they think the harlem globetrotters basketball team globetrotters would be best at.

super mario bros. 3 (nintendo)
robocop vs terminator (nintendo)
kid icarus (nintendo)
total recall (nintendo)
robocop (xbox #1)

you can only pick up to 5 answers so chooooose wiiiiiiselty

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1. Custer's Revenge
2. ET for Atari
3. Action 52
4. Bible Buffet
5. Superman 64

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Wow! Two Robocop games? And without my input!

I think you have a handle on this. Carry on.

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This is a tough question. I never thought I'd ever be asked it so I need some time.
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In no particular order:

Mario Sports Mix
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Sleep By Death
Out of the Silent Planet: The Game: The Movie
100 Classic Books
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Super Mario 128
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this is actually the correct answer for my question because i love nba jams and i think i should make more they should make more.


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Correct answer? But I thought...
Anyway, I strangely suspect them to be really, really good at old school sports games like Double Dribble, and be slightly less good at modern ones such, whatever the new ones are.
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I love how in NBA Jam you could elbow people and do unrealistic moves to score goals.

I tried doing the former in real life and got sent to detention when I was in elementary school though. :(
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