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and it looks like Storm/Sent/Mags is where 3's heading again.
Why do you say that?

Top 3 Finishers at Winter Brawl 5
She-Hulk / Amaterasu / Tron Bonne
Magneto / Dormammu / Sentinel
Hulk / Sentinel / Phoenix

Top 3 Finishers at Final Round XIV
She-Hulk / Taskmaster / Spencer
She-Hulk / Amaterasu / Tron Bonne
Magneto / Zero / Sentinel

Furthermore, with the damage reduction and hitstun reduction of combos, MvC3 negates much of the reason those characters even became dominant in MvC2.

Furthermoremore, it took years for the metagame and discoveries of MvC2 to settle down. Making a prediction on anything after one month seems short-sighted.


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I couldn't believe it when pro players were whining about which characters were overpowered and broken before the game came out. It's like, geez, just admit you don't want to bother with anything that's not Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and shut it. You don't need an excuse for that, no one should be expecting you to.

Aren't the world champions supposed to be examples of non-scrubs? It feels wrong knowing more about the development of tiers and stuff than anybody who has made a name and reputation playing anything, when I don't
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Well, I don't have the game, and I think that the majority of the info I get on it comes from old MvC2 players who were sticking to their old standbys. So to me it seems like it where it is heading. I apologize for the assumption. 
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Regarding Daigo's linked EVO 2004 losers bracket victory:

Most pros have the skill to manually block each one of Chun Li's kicks. Daigo was aware that she was able to do the move, therefore, he was expecting to have to block it. Which many pros can do without a second thought. The impressive part was how Daigo seemed to throw round 2 and most of round 3 just to keep it interesting.