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Like drinking games, but a bit better for you.

Anyway, I find that assigning myself exercise directly proportional to how much I fail in a game helps to both improve my game and get me off my rear end.

Example: For every point I miss out of 100 in a Yoshi's Island level, I do one crunch.  I'm not great at getting points in that game, so a decent workout every two levels or so (or even one level, if I do really horribly).

Anyone else do this?  It's not difficult at all (well, not planning it, at least).  Just find something quantifiable in a video game and tie it to an exercise that you can do.
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I thought this was gonna be a thread complaining about how the existence of Wii Fit was melting their skin. What a surprise

Punch-Out!! kind of does this exact thing automatically, if you play with the motion controls. The first time through, pretty much everyone after Disco Kid is going to take you for a ride, and the game is so addictive that you can't help but play until you're regretting it in the morning
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