Author Topic: Why is Nintendo giving away so much free stuff?  (Read 1509 times)

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We've currently got a free download of Excitebike, an upcoming free supposedly brand-new Four Swords game, and if you buy OoT3D you get a free soundtrack mailed to you. This is from a company that a few years ago was charging $20 to play Donkey Kong on GBA. Is it because the 3DS isn't selling as quickly as hoped? Did Iwata recently get laid?


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Maybe both
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Yeah, I'd guess they're just trying to make people GET HYPE for 3DS.

I like their "free games" method more than this new "like stuff on Facebook to get access to promotional materials" thing some companies do.


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Other companies sell systems at a loss in hopes of making up for it in software sales.  Nintendo has said they won't do that.  Instead it seems they are giving away easy to make software to drive system sells for a profit and then get more profit on games. 

I would imagine Excitebike wouldn't take much to make 3D so their not losing much on it, but getting people to setup online and visit their eshop could lead to other downloads like Link's Awakening that is essential all profit. 

The Four Swords game would be a little more investment on their part, but since it's multiplayer that lends people to show off the 3DS and try to get their friends and family to get one.  While Nintendo might not have good online support, they have strong support for person to person multiplayer.  That's a main point of the Wii and one reason it sold so much. 

The OoT CD is a little bit of a head scratcher, but CDs are cheap to make, media rate postage is also cheap, and the offer will get a lot more people to pre-order.  Once someone starts pre-ordering they are more likely to continue. 

Also, remember that Nintendo is marketing to everyone.  People on this forum will likely get a 3DS anyway, but I know a lot of adults that have a Wii and have never owned a handheld.  This strategy might get them to shell out $250 for one, especially if they enjoyed the games Nintendo is giving away.  Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. 

Besides, they are competing with Sony at the same price point.  What is Sony giving away?

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I think Sony has the upper hand there, actually. Launching at the same price as the competition while simultaneously being far more powerful means the choice will be pretty obvious for most people...

...until Nintendo drops the price of the 3DS, something they can do at their leisure (keeping in mind that, with regard to manufacture costs, Nintendo's making almost $150 on each 3DS sold) and that Sony's not going to be able to do for a long time (Vita's being sold at a major loss, with Kaz Hirai saying it's supposed to be profitable within three years).

3DS also still has a fancy gimmick as a major draw; Vita's gimmicks are the touch capabilities, which the DS had seven years ago (though that wasn't multitouch), and 3G on the more expensive model, and I think the crowd response at the Sony conference when they mentioned AT&T should sum up most people's feelings about that. Also, while both systems are backwards-compatible, it's really just a technicality for the Vita; unlike the 3DS, which can play DS cards, the Vita can only play PSN releases of PSP games, so the two dozen UMD games sitting on my desk are useless for that device. Which is a shame, because the Vita is supposed to be able to automatically remap functions in PSP games to the second analog stick without anything needing to be done on the developer's part.