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There are a few files in the trophies directory of Brawl that weren't used in the final game. A couple are from Melee (Samurai Goroh and Donkey Kong Jr.'s are in there), the playable Kongs have "donkeykongoriginal.brres" and "diddykongoriginal.brres," either suggesting they'd have alternate look trophies like Fox and Falco do, or Classic Mode would have yielded trophies depicting the character in their original appearances like in Melee... or just that they loved Barrel Blast that much...

And then a few characters have "R2" trophies. All of their standard trophies are marked with "R1," and for a while I assumed that the "R2" trophies were their Final Smashes. Then I noticed that not everyone has an R2 trophy and the Final Smash trophies are named for the move. The R2 trophies are actually just like the regular ones, but with different poses.I would guess they started making these before either deciding to have Final Smash trophies earned by All-Star Mode, at a time when trophies were planned to be earned in SSE, or maybe just for fun in case another mode was made.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to which characters do and don't have these. Falco has one, Fox doesn't, Kirby, of all characters, doesn't have one, Jigglypuff does, Red has one and none of his Pokémon do, Zero Suit Samus has one and Varia Suit Samus doesn't...

(forgive how most of these are missing eyeball textures or have transparency issues, BrawlBox doesn't show 'em right)

Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon (this is the only one where I changed the angle from the default front view, so his mouth is visible)
Diddy Kong
King Dedede

I have Sheik's, Luigi's, Samus', Jigglypuff's and Snake's in place of the originals in my game. I'll use my capture device to get pics of those in-game later. You can replace models like that if the replacement model has more bones than the original--I haven't checked all of them but most of the originals have more than the R2s. Pretty sure I've already checked Mario, Pikachu, Cap, Zelda, Pit, Dedede, and Lucario, and none of them would work.
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