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« on: October 20, 2013, 02:03:11 AM »
I noticed there was not yet a thread for this. I'm enjoying it so far, and I have to say that the Tingle Bottle is a surprisingly fun addition, and drawing things for the Miiverse is fun.

I do still miss the Tingle Tuner, though. Would've fit so nicely on a Wii U.
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One of my housemates got it and I played it. I don't mind the Tingle Bottles, but I miss the Tingle Tuner; the exclusion of it is strange because the Tingle Chests are still in the game and have even had the graphics overhaul.

Overall, I love how much less time consuming some activities are. The Sail, Wind Waker, Bombs, and Grappling Hook are automatically equipped in the boat so you don't have to constantly switch between items as much. You can also switch items without pausing via the gamepad which is another plus for me. The game looks great, and Hero Mode ups the difficulty a bit.
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Got a free digital download of this with my recently acquired Wii U and it looks gorgeous so far.  Just wish I had more time to play, especially in light of things like the interface improvements noted above.
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Is just like the Gamecube but well i must admit is good because the next generations will now about the greatest game of Zelda in Gamecube, well Zelda Twlight Princess was cool in Gamecube and Wii so..i hope it get a secuel on Wii U

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Why remake the one that still looks good? I mean, I'm still gonna get Wind Waker HD, but wouldn't have made more sense to remake Twilight Princess instead? That game would have benefited a lot more from enhanced graphics.

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Why remake them at all, but rather make a new game in a similar style?
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Why remake them at all, but rather make a new game in a similar style?
I'd like to see the NES and SNES zelda Satellaview games that were essentially remakes.  A new version of Satellaview is possible today.  N already has challenges even if that aren't real time.  Regardless of our current time shifted society I think that Satellaview type gaming would work with proper incentives and locality adjustments.  Maybe make it a contest with Nintendo Club points, free VC games, etc. 

I don't think many people would be a Zelda 2 remake by itself, but with a Satellaview like mentioned above I think it'd be a huge release. 


I loved the user levels for MvsDK and WarioWare DIY even if the interface and connectivity was lacking.  Imagine a proper SMB title with user generated levels.  I'd buy SMB again (I think I'm on the 17 purchase now) if for only user generated levels. 
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The Swift Sail is pretty much the best thing.

I'm also at least gonna make a stab at Nintendo Gallery completion, since alterations to Picto Box mechanics have made it feasible for people who like fun.
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