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The release date of the Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros., according to the Mario Wiki, Amazon and many other sources was June 15th in North America.

I bought this book on Amazon, but the item is not shipped yet (June 21th).
I went to the store and they did not received it either.
Anyone knows what is happening with this Book? Somebody received it?

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Apparently Amazon UK canceled preorders in May. Not a good sign. Hopefully just some kind of delay but there's a chance the localization may have been canceled.


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Huh, didn't even know this was a thing... well, hopefully it ends up still being available to Americans in some language *somewhere* efficient soon.
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I contacted Dark Horse Comics to know what is happening with the localization. I will keep you informed as soon as I get a response.

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Update: I never got a response...

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Dark Horse today announced a release date of October 23, 2018


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Finally! I forgot that I learned that this was even a thing.
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It will be handy to know which mushrooms are safe to eat

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You aren't a real Mario fan unless you get the expensive edition.
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I ordered the regular edition a month ago, when it was reannounced.
I did not know a hardcover edition existed.
Well! Too bad...