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Okay, let me show you how this works: here's a template.

  Good sentence
  Bad sentence
  Bad sentence

Okay, here we go!

Hey, I got the new GameBoxStation 7 last night.
  Sweet!  How is it?
  Dude, that system is so last year.  Just wait until the PlayXCube comes out.

Well it's a little better than my SuperDreamStation, plus it has a toaster.
  That rocks!  How much did you pay for it?
  Big deal.  I can already fry eggs on the case of my overclocked PC.
  Man, I just realized how pasty you are!  Don't you EVER go outside?

I bought it off of oBay for $7,200 shipped.
  Wow, that's not bad, can I come by later and check it out?
  That's chump change, I spent more building an MP3 server for my scooter.
  No wonder you wear the same nasty jeans and t-shirt every day.
  If you saved that money, maybe you could buy a clue.

Actually, it crashed the other day and I can't even get it to boot up.
  No problem!  I heard Service Pak 14 just came out!
  That's what you get for playing with greasy fingers.
  Maybe you should defrag your brain.
  Wow, it must be simulating your social life, then...


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I don't understand any of it, but it looks like a quality subject. I wonder if I can do one.
That was a joke.