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1. Mario
2. Mario
3. Mario
4. Zelda
5. Zelda
6. Zelda
7. Shigeru Miyamoto
8. Shigeru Miyamoto
9. Shigeru Miyamoto

"Bwa ha ha! Guess who it is, loyal Mario fans...

It is I, King Bowser... ruler of all Koopas, big and small. I have come to take over the Mushroom Kingdom (no, not the place...I mean the WEB SITE!)! Deezer, you will surrender your troops to me, or else you will never see your precious Mario again! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
People who like video games should also like Nintendo. People who don't like Nintendo obviously don't like video games.

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all it takes is five, my man

5.'cause i said so

in memory of that marble mouthed superclownman...0-/<):
who wants to buy a skunkle?

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Maybe I can be a little more specific. Number one of the best and number ten is the least best.

1.Shigeru Miyamoto(Pikmin? Keep them new games coming, Miyamoto-sama!)
6.Brownie Brown(I'm not sure, but I think they consist of people who quit SquareSoft because they still wanted to work with Nintendo)
8.Super Smash Brothers
9.Mario RPGs(Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario)
10.Fire Emblem(Or Golden Sun if you don't play Japanese Nintendo RPGs)

These are just my opinions on what and who is best, don't take it too seriously.

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- Shigeru Miyamoto
"Here We Go!"

- Mario
"Here We Go!"
- Mario