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my faves: 1. paper mario
           2. spyro 2
          3crash team racing
          4jet force gemini
           5 wario land 4

crash: d@#N! achika is a fox!

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Oh...I give in...I like crash team racing...hey I only played it once on my Bros. girlfriend's PSX!!! well maybe twice...I did borrow it once...OK I give I like Crash Team Racing!!!!!um,well my favs. are:

1.Mario Sunshine(hey I've never played it but I know it's gonna be my fav when I do!)
2.Chrono Trigger
3.SMW(I like the GBA port best)
4.MegaMan Legends
5.The MegaMan Series
6.The X series
7.Paper Mario
9.Banjo-Kazooi & Banjo-Tooie
11.Mario Party 1
13.The other Mario Games
14.Sonic Games
15.Crash Team Racing(O how the mighty have fallen...)

To remeber our favorite punk-mouthed Clown: Skate 0-/<):

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2.Paper Mario
3.Final fantasy3
4.Tetris attack
5.Star wars racer:Episode 1
6.Mario kart:Super circuit
7.Super smash bros.
8.Super smash bros. Meelee

SSBM is last cause I can't figure out how too attack besides useing the B and A buttons.
Once I played as the ice climbers and they were pathetic!
Only two attacks that they were useing!
Hammer and Hammer spin....

Me:Me Bob!
Me spike you!
Me not know what too say!
Me want too post!
Mario:You need a good stomping!
Why did''nt you stomp me?
Mario:*Looking at Mushroom*