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« on: May 20, 2002, 09:36:11 AM »
I think Nintendo has had enough spotlight with it's videogame systems. I believe they are rushing the GameCube software and games out into the public too fast, and therefore, the system will be extremely lacking in any good first-party titles...much like what happened with the N64.

If the GameCube fails, then Nintendo will at least still have the GameBoy to back them up. Without the GameBoy, what other portable system will we use to play games during travel...a PS-one? I don't think so.

The PS-one seemed to be built with no effort, it was just a new smaller version of the original PlayStation, using the same crappy proccessor and the same cheap parts the original one had. The PS-one is also so light that you'd think it would crack in your hands! I had a PS-one and it I'm NEVER buying any more PlayStation junk--it all seems too cheap and poorly built.

On the other hand...Nintendo does make some of the most sturdy and well-built systems, so you have to give them credit for that...

I'm going completely off topic here. So I'll get back to my original topic of Nintendo as a thirdy-party publisher...

Nintendo has made some of the best games and created some of the most well-known and accepted videogame characers ever. With them as a third-party publisher, they will be able to give that gift to other companies as well.

Just look what happened to SEGA after they became a third-party publisher, they're now one of the most respected companies in the world of videogames!

For people who like Nintendo (like me) I think Nintendo should try to expand their horizons and take a different look at the world of videogames, instead of being confined in their own little world of system manufacturing...

To pursuade your opinions...just think of Super Smash Bros. on the Xbox with enhanced DVD capabilities and beefed-up graphics!
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how can you beef up the ssbm graphics?

who wants to buy a skunkle?
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You can't, not much anyway. They did a great job there.

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*RNK laughs so hard, he falls out the window, then comes back*

That theory is total crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, and more crap. If Nintendo is becoming a 3rd party, it won't be anytime soon. They probably won't even think about it! And If I see SSBM on X-Box, I'm gonna go on a world Wide rampage as Ninjazilla! Besides, X-Box's crappiness would ruin SSBM.

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Actually the big N was a Third party publisher in the 80's. There was Donkey Kong made on about 3 billon other systems, and the same with Donkey Kong Jr. Mario Bros was also one! But I think Mario on the X-Box would suck like Luigi's vacuum, so If I was Mr. Miyamoto, I would stick to the Nintendo systems.

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I hope not! X-Box is defective who wants defective Mario games? I still think that its crazy nintendo has lots of potential with the NGC why make games for a system thats not yours when yours is one of the most successful systems there is? I don't think that they will anytime soon.

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It will never happen. Period.

I will not rest until Mario and Luigi get a REAL 3d Mario Bros. Game.
I will not rest until Mario and Luigi get a REAL 3d Mario Bros. Game.

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I know but the thought scares me!

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