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I'm hoping Nintendo will release a game for each of their mascots! Here's the games I know of:

Mario: Super Mario Sunshine
Luigi: Luigi's Mansion
F-Zero: F-Zero GX
DK: Donkey Konga
Samus: Metroid Prime
Link: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Fox: Star Fox Adventures
Kirby: Kirby Air Ride

Can't think of anymore. Does anyone else know any other future releases?

I'd like Nintendo to make a Kirby game! Yeah!

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All of those games are out except Donkey Konga. Please check, on TMK's front page, in the "News" column and look for "Game Releases." Thanks.

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Kirby: Kirby Air Ride

That's the new Kirby game. It just came out.

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Kirby's Air Ride came out in Japan for the 64DD.