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« on: August 29, 2000, 09:12:14 AM »
I just went to and saw the coolest pictures of the GameCube and Game Boy ADVANCE!! The graphics for GameCube looked amazing (i.e.: Luigi sliding down a railing and Link fighting monsters, all of it was in the purest resolution and clearest picture imaginable...)! As for Game Boy ADVANCE, it looked awesome!! But I'm afraid that it's going to be horizontal (as in the pictures) like the SEGA Game Gear was...

Mario Kart ADVANCE looked simply amazing with great graphics and a clear picture.

I don't think the GameCube will be backwards compatible with N64 games, since it is a lot bigger in size and uses CD'ds instead ogf cartriges.

Game Boy ADVANCE is also a lot bigger in size than Game Boy Color and has a different shaped cartrige slot (wide like the Game Gear).

I think Nintendo is going to finally be in the lead again once the GameCube and Game Boy ADVANCE come out...!!

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When is Game Boy Advance going to come out?  If it is backwards-compatable (it can play games made for Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Color) I was wondering if I should just buy it and forget about getting my Game Boy Color repaired.
BTW-What do you mean "again?"

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Nintendo was in the lead until the N64 came out. 3rd party developers flocked to the PSX, which had CD's (cheaper than cartridges). There was more, but I forgot. Therefore, even with great 1st and 2nd party games, the slow trickle of releases lets PSX kill us. Now Nintendo learns from it's mistake and makes GC programmer friendly. The mini DVDs are slightly more expensive, but they have more copy protection.

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What is P.S.X.?

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Playstation. I don't know why the X is in there, but it is.

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I think Nintendo 64 has always been the most popular game system since it came out.  My friend says that Sega Saturn is (and was) more popular than N64 because it has so much more games than it or Sony Playstation, but I don't believe him, and wherever I go N64 games outnumber Saturn games.  I don't know about Saturn vs. Playstation, their popularity seems about equal.

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"PSX" was something of a buzzword used to refer to the Playstation before it came out (standing for "Playstation Experimental"), but for some unknown reason, people kept on using it after the console was released in September of '95.  PSM (Playstation Magazine) acknowledges it as an incorrect term and denounces using it.  I suggest you do just that, so as not to spread the ignorance.

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Sorry for spreading the ignorance, but I'm ignorant. ;) And in sales records, it is clear that the... um... um... Sony is kicking Nintendo's hind quarters.

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I WISH that Nintendo would make N64 games playable on Game Cube.  I already have like 9 systems, and I feel the Game Cube will be "just another system".  I'll be suckered into buying it for a few good games, and then that'll be number 10 to my collection.  I don't wanna get rid of me old systems but wanna get the new ones.  And then you just have too many to store.  But if Nintendo made it backwards copatible with N64 I'd ditch my N64 and by a Game Cube without thinking twice.  But because of this little system problem I have no Game Cube for me.

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Well, it's a late response, but the name PSX is a complicated story. In short: a popular skateboard company (named PS or something) allready had a the  name "PS" so the had to add something and I guess they thought 'X' was the coolest letter.

And as for the GBA i'll be getting that the first day it comes out.  Sorry the debut is scedueled for sometime in june 2001

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