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What is the most succesful Nintendo system other than NES? I'm going to say GBA. Some really great games have come out for the GBA. Also many great accesories. I have a feeling it'll become even more succesful this Christmas. This generation of gamers favors strategy and RPG games. With the ever burraging line-up of RPG games, GBA will become very succesful, if people still favor RPG'S. Not only do I think it's the 2nd most succesful Nintendo system, I believe it's the most succesful Portable system of all-time. GB was great, but I think GBA is much more better. So, what do you think?

P.S. It's obvious that this will soon turn into a favorite Nintendo system topic. Ah well, thats forum life. ;)

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Actually, I'll bet that this topic sinks down into the abyss and is completely forgotten.

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It IS kind of like an abyss, isn't it?

...Well, Killa of PS2, you're probably right about GBA being the second-best Nintendo system.