Author Topic: What games would you like to see on the game cube?  (Read 4841 times)

« on: August 29, 2000, 05:45:08 PM »
I would like to see Super Smash Bros 2. The charecters would be Link Mario Luigi Bowser Samus Ganon Kirby Megaman and ....PEACH???

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"Super Smash Bros. 2" is on the Game Boy Advance, and it's actually called "Super Smash Bros. Advance."

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well then it's not really SSB2, it's just the game boy advanced version of SSB


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"Super Mariokart Advance" is different from "Super Mariokart" and "Super Mariokart 64," so "Super Smash Bros. Advance" must be different from "Super Smash Bros."  Plus there are different selectable characters.

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Kirby and Mega Man will probably never appear in one game together.  If Capcom decides to engineer the game with Nintendo and stick Mega Man in there, they'd have to change the play mechanics so it would be very different from the prequel, which HAL Laboratories made (to avoid copyright problems and such).  It's not likely Capcom and HAL (the company that controls the Kirby character) will ever help make the same game.  I mean, have you ever heard of more than one second- or third-party developers working on a single project together?

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     Definitely another Mario Kart.  Mario Kart has been a classic through the years(you still won't believe the amount of people playing SMK!).  I hear that David Wonn has a 1"99 final lap on Ghost Valley 1 :-).  Anyway, kart is indeed a good game to make a continuing franchise of.  Kart in 128 bit with Internet capabilities will be a major treat!  But keep the same line-up of drivers, have more courses(at least 20 racing, 5 battle) and have a different GP scoring system, like...
1st place-7 points
2nd place-6 points
3rd place-5 points
4th place-4 points
5th place-3 points
6th place-2 points
7th place-1 point
8th place-0 points
This'll provide more of a balance between every player racing.  It's just not fair to have worked hard to place 5th, and have the same score as that loser who placed 8th.  Oh, and a Time Trial Mode is a given.

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"Peachy" he he. :-)

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Cool games would be(I know you all would disagree)
Captain Comic
Ninja Gaiden
Mario Kart(MagicKoopa)
Deja Vu
Fantastic Dizzy
Little Nemo
Rescue Rangers
A air plane sim
Crusin Space
Okay alot of them were 8-Bit Nintendo classics and I know alot of people will disagree but thats okay.

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There should be a game about ME, The Wild
Mario Guy! Just kidding. But seriously, it
wouldn't hurt to have more games actually
STARRING Mario and less of Pokemon.


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In case you haven't noticed, this thread has -2 replies. Freaky.

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-2 replies to this thread?  Must've been because I screwed something up in here earlier.  Thanks for deleting my mistake messages, Deezer.

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"Peachy" he he. :-)

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I want to see Star Fox Cubed!
Select to play as Falco,Slippy,Peppy, or Fox. Bill or Katt are permenant members(depending on how you play it). There's a new guy...And uh, yeah.
After you beat it, you get a special Star Wolf Mini-Quest.

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Now it says zero.  That was k-rad though when it read -2.  Maybe Deezer should make them all read weird.

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Let's see...sequel-worthy game serieses other than "Mario"...

Altered Beast
Kid Icarus
Legend of Kage
Mega Man
Might and Magic
Ninja Gaiden
Street Fighter

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You like Legand of Kage?  I have that game but don't play it much.

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I would love to have another Metroid
and Mega Man game.

P.S. I like Legend of Kage also.  This one
     guy SMASHED my cartridge!

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I've never played the original "Legend of Kage," but I loved "Legend of Kage 2: Demon Sword."  It would be great if Nintendo made a game that was like a 3-D version of that.  A "Mega Man" game would be awesome, if it were like "Mega Man 2" and not so much like the inferior later games.  The "Metroid IV" screenshots at the Spaceworld website have me excited, too.
I see the counter's working, now.

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What system was Legend of Kage 2 for?  It wasn't for nintendo I don't think.  Sega Genesis maybe?

« Reply #17 on: September 02, 2000, 10:41:40 AM »
Demon Sword was also for NES.  Unfortunately,
it doesn't work very well on NESticle.
I love this game too.

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Yep, a new Metroid is comfirmed. ABOUT TIME
TOO! So where's our new Star Fox, Mario,
F-Zero, and the rest of the neglected?

Don't tell me Link and Zelda are neglected.
Two roles for Link on N64! You call that
fair? I don't.


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Ah! Bubsy! He really rocked. Even had a cartoon show that wasn't that bad...(Course I was in first grade so...) cancelled after the first episode, though. Sadly, I don't think anybody would really buy the next bubsy do the little flubsy known as Bubsy3D...Although it wasnt THAT bad...
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*Looks inside of a candy bar wraper. Reads:* You have just won a Sony Plays.... Oh it`s crap!!

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Impossible Mission 2!