Author Topic: What games would you like to see on the game cube?  (Read 4817 times)

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I've never played the original "Legend of Kage," but I loved "Legend of Kage 2: Demon Sword."  It would be great if Nintendo made a game that was like a 3-D version of that.  A "Mega Man" game would be awesome, if it were like "Mega Man 2" and not so much like the inferior later games.  The "Metroid IV" screenshots at the Spaceworld website have me excited, too.
I see the counter's working, now.

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What system was Legend of Kage 2 for?  It wasn't for nintendo I don't think.  Sega Genesis maybe?

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Demon Sword was also for NES.  Unfortunately,
it doesn't work very well on NESticle.
I love this game too.

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Yep, a new Metroid is comfirmed. ABOUT TIME
TOO! So where's our new Star Fox, Mario,
F-Zero, and the rest of the neglected?

Don't tell me Link and Zelda are neglected.
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Ah! Bubsy! He really rocked. Even had a cartoon show that wasn't that bad...(Course I was in first grade so...) cancelled after the first episode, though. Sadly, I don't think anybody would really buy the next bubsy do the little flubsy known as Bubsy3D...Although it wasnt THAT bad...
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*Looks inside of a candy bar wraper. Reads:* You have just won a Sony Plays.... Oh it`s crap!!

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Impossible Mission 2!