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There is quite a lot of speculation about the extra features being incorporated in Sony's PSP handheld, and I am thinking that the system will be very expensive (possibly over $200).

Of course, all of these rumors are just that--rumors, so we need to wait for Sony to make an official announcement about the PSP (hopefully at this year's E3).

The main question is whether the system will have successful sales. Knowing Sony, they are not going to release the PSP without a lineup of great games (Sony has announced a huge amount of games will be released for the PSP's launch).

And because the PSP is a PlayStation brand, it will surely sell well regardless of it's price--but to be realistic, the system should be priced between $100 and $200. I would not want to buy a handheld system for over $200.


What about the Nintendo DS? There is not much information about Nintendo's new handheld--what we do know is that it will have two game screens and will have two processors...

Nintendo is being very secretive about the DS, and I hope they will release it with a decent amount of games (Mario, Metroid, and Zelda would all be great launch games). Regarding the price, I don't think the DS will be too expensive, since it does not have as many features as the Sony PSP. Nintendo has always made their products to be very affordeable compared to their competitors', and the DS should continue that trend.

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Expensive is a relative term, and the quality of Nintendo games and hardware make them inexpensive compared to those other companies.

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