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Okay, here's the deal.  The number of users says 333 (as of my post). Everyone reply to this post once. You can just say something if you want or just "reporting in" or something. The goal is to get as many different users to have one post as possible.
Got it?

Lizard Dude reporting in

10/16/00 This really worked great so far...heh

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mario master wannabe here.Cool idea dude.well good luck chances of your goal happening is 1 to 333 those are my odds these ya later dude:)


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I'm still here...

Just a warning- a few overzealous users decided awhile back to join the message board...

...under several dozen different aliases ; )
Someone set up us the bomb!

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I'm pretty new to this messageboard.  I've been visiting the site for about a year, just never noticed the message boards till now.


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Nei li'va vatsa-cci d'ta!  Ticca-ahn syatt nedraash!
Erm... that is to say...
reporting in. ^^
Go Moon!

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Umm... Uhh... reporting in!