Author Topic: Game Sales Decreased w/ Exception of GameCube!!!  (Read 1176 times)


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 Compared to May 2003, sales have decreased by 15.9% as expected considering the lack of "hit titles" at this point of the year. May of last year included best-sellers like Enter the Matrix and NBA Street Vol. 2.

 On the Playstation 2 sales fell 18.5%, on Xbox sales fell 7.7%, and on Gameboy Advance there was a drop of 23.1%. However, Gamecube had an increase in sales of 21.8%.

 Overall, there was a 1% drop in revenue from last year's 1.71 Billion to this year's 1.69 Billion.

 With much anticipated titles for all the consoles expected to be released this Summer and Fall, analysts predict a large increase in sales.

SOURCE: NINGC.COM as quoted on
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