Author Topic: Why is everyone dissing Nintendo?  (Read 3534 times)

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I hate PlayStatio and PlayStation2. Both suck. There game suck too. Crash Bandicoot? And it dosen't matter what age you are. Hell, an adult could enjoy Darkwing Duck for NES. And adult could sit down and play games like Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie and have good time! And if anyone thinks Nintendo 64 is a "kiddie system" tale a look at Conker's Bad Fur Day....

I am Yoshi, I am Great, Therfore making me, Yoshi the Great
I am Yoshi, I am Great, Therfore making me, Yoshi the Great

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Crash would kick the crap outta yoshi until he turned multicolored.

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All, I have to say is a few things.
1.Sony isn't all that bad, I play it for Square games, which definetley do not suck.
2.Who would want Nintendo to go down? Without them, video games would still be a dead market never to return.It was in the early 80's when all the Atari's intellivision and other (ehem)...junk sytems came, saw and failed(think the sega master)Nintendo popped up and started video games again with an all new twist, so there.

I forgot to mention,PS2 is awesome,anyone see Metal gear solid 2?
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