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Well, I've found a reason to visit this forum more often.
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Let's get right back into it, shall we?

Today, we conquer the tower full of Bellsprouts. Which admittedly feels a bit like stomping on all the bulbs in a garden store and declaring yourself the victor. But I'm not the one who built a towering monument to a weed.

Aw, what? You mean I could've caught a Gastly here? Dagnab.

The ColonelKR. Eager, but useless.

You cannot lick Toad. Toad is...


Here we see a statue of a Bellsprout undergoing a colonoscopy.

I have no idea what this means.

They let just any old Tom, Dick or Troy in here, don't they. No standards for having monk like names. They don't even assign you one, you just get to be Troy. Or Sterance. Or something else that's also a terrible monk name.

Oh look! Weegee is getting him some custom burned CD's. So maybe this isn't actually a monastery. Maybe it's just a place where Bald men hold talent contests for pirated goods.

Weegee, seen here forgetting how words work.

I'd hardly consider a painting of a Bellsprout to be powerful after climbing the tower. I'm pretty jaded on Bellsprout iconography at this point.

Man. Short game.

Theeeeeeere we go. Now that's a monk name.

Let's start with our favorite Rock Snake, shall we?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>



God, what was that one called.

Then BP came out to avenge our short lived companion and had an exchange of blows that resulted in him actually running out of moves. Perhaps I should be grinding more.

And I won! It only cost me my pet rock.

Good god Joey. I'm having a moment.


High Tailin it out of here.

Might as well loot the body.

And there he goes.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Go tell Token I say hi.


Good lord toad, put that thing away.

I kid. I will be explicitly asking you to flash for the remainder of your days so I can see things. And offend Geodudes.

Oh hey! That reminds me! I haven't caught a Pokémon in the dark caves yet! I can go replace Rocky!

If I could swear here without reprimand, you can guarantee this sentence would be much more profane.

So what should I name this Level 2 Zubat? This completely unasked for member of my team who is guaranteed to be more a burden than a help.

Say Hello to- oh god that joke is so bad I can't even type it.

So I went out to grind a bit. Make hello:) more useful.

You kidding me? I could've caught a Gastly out here, too? Man. Dooker luck.

Let's see if we can't get a more useful party member while we're here.

Something looks a bit off with this one.

More accurate, but less amusing.

Hoo-a! Time for some sweet Unown action!

Unless it faints.

Which it does.

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YES! I hope I will be useful.
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What the heck would a Hoothoot use Flash with anyway

Loving your commentary..

Good lord toad, put that thing away.

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This should be a YouTube series.
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I'm scared to see where I come in.

But if this was Blue or Red you should have caught a Missingno. and called it Ym9i(etc.)

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Clarification. The movie name you're looking for is REAL STEEL.

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This is entertaining. I actually audibly laughed a bit.

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Alright. It's gym time.

And by Gym Time, I mean grinding time.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Far too much grinding later,

It's time to take on the world. The first brutal gym in a long series of difficult battles.

Stare pensively at the stone for mental preparedness.

So I guess this is a birdkeeping gym. I have no super effective attacks here, but I'm sure I'll do fine.

One shotted. But his Pidgy was also level 9, so the leader's pokémon are probably much stronger.


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

C'mon Toad. Concentrate on it. I'm sure with enough mental focus you can figure out how to aggressively thrust your face at things. So a HootHoot is born knowing how to tackle but not peck? Who designed these Eugenics, John Madden?

And then he bought a lottery ticket and stocks in Microsoft.

After many fierce battles and grueling effort, ColonelKR has learned how to bite slightly harder. It took him 13 levels to realize he could be biting things harder.


In the midst of my grinding, I got a call from that "good buddy" of mine.


You go, ColonelKR. You bite that guy extra super hard.

And so it goes. Perhaps he's finally learned the futility of his actions.

Aaaaand back to grinding.

Well look at that. I managed to make a Chikorita less intimidating.

And poisonous. Surely lethal poison is a reasonable thing for a ten year old who doesn't even have a gym badge yet to have access to.

What, did you forget you had teeth?

Real team full of winners, here.

Finally done grinding. Thank god for emulator speedup sweet, virtuous patience.

And just for good measure before I go attempt the first gym,

If I was any older I'd get arrested for beating this kid up so many times.


Gym Time. Gettin Fit all up in the gym.

Thanks. Gonna tell me your credit card number, too?

Well look at this. Fights with two pokemon. Big man.

Two hyper fangs and not a scratch on me. This whole biting thing is really working for me.

No no, Rod. Not gaah. Guts

Let's go, hairdo.

Falkner has poor taste in pants.

He's only got a level 7 pidgey?

There we go. Here's the big fight.

Boy. Sure is fair in here.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

9 whole levels of cherished.

Guess they just ran out of vowels for these badges.

Hyper Fang 2: Bite Harder

Now is when we either keep a closer eye on Toad, or invest in some pixelly blurring technology. Where do the Japanese get theirs? Gotta make some phone calls.

So if I need to do any sexy mud wrestling, I am now prepared. Thanks, Falker. Go think about your loss by writing books or something.




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dat hyperfang
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I just noticed me-bat is a girl.

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Hyperfang is completely ridiculous broken at the beginning of the game. It's like a Butterfree with confusion in Gen 1.
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Confusion is hardly any stronger than Water Gun or Ember, and is weaker than Razor Leaf.

I just noticed me-bat is a girl.

Bat Person?
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Confusion is hardly any stronger than Water Gun or Ember

Except Generation I was extremely unbalanced. Psychic types actually countered ghost types in Pokémon Red and Blue, contrary to every proceeding game. In fact they straight up hard-countered ghost types because ghost moves had zero effect on psychic types AND every Generation I ghost type was also a poison type. To make things worse, their only counter, bug type, was complete ass with statistically the weakest base stats and only three damaging moves (Leech Life, Pin Missile and Twineedle). So having confusion in Generation I was actually pretty [darn] good because it was at least normally effective against practically everything except psychic Pokémon.
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Very entertaining! I can't wait for more. I may try the Nuzlocke challenge myself someday.
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