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This is probably a stupid thing to make a topic about (Mario games are known for pretty much everything but the voice acting, and I can't think of any Mario games I've played outside of Super Mario Sunshine that even have fully spoken dialogue.), and I'm not good at explaining subtle differences, but whatever.

I've noticed that the voices of Mario characters are rather inconsistent. Mario, Luigi, and Wario's voices are more or less consistent, and just feature subtle differences between games. Other characters, like Peach or Toad, can have radically variable voices between games (although Toad's voice has been pretty much the same in every game since Luigi's Mansion).

Mario sounds a bit crackly in certain voice samples from Super Mario 64. ("Yah!" "Wah!" in particular) and his voice is generally a bit lower than in later games. I could perhaps blame both of those on the compression of his voice samples to fit in the cart. In Mario Kart 64, Mario's voice is awesome, all elegent sounding and stuff. Hard to explain what I mean, but this is probably my favorite incarnation of Mario's voice. In the original Smash Bros, Mario's voice sounds mostly like it does in 64. In Melee, his voice sounded somewhere between his voice in the previously mentioned N64 games and his voice in Sunshine. In Sunshine (which is my second favorite incarnation of Mario's voice, by the way), he sounded a bit different than in all of those, and probably sounds more like he does today. Most of the differences I hear in these voices are very subtle and hard to describe, and I'm sorry about that. They're there, though. In the Galaxy games, Mario's voice sounds a bit more...I dunno, like it's cracking I guess? You can hear it in the game when jumping and stuff, but it's also noticeable even in the little "Disc Channel" selection thing. It's a lot easier to hear the differences between his Galaxy voice and his pre-Galaxy voice. Maybe Charles Martinet's voice is fatiguing from doing that super high-pitched voice?

In earlier games (Like the first two Smash Bros games and I THINK the N64 Mario Party games, but I've never played any Mario Party before 4), Luigi essentially just sounded like a higher pitched version of Mario's voice. It should be noted, though, that this is inconsistent, because Luigi was given a completely different voice from that in the localization of Mario Kart 64 that's a lot closer to his current voice. Luigi's voice was at its best in the American (More than likely European too) version of Mario Kart 64. Luigi's voice got more "crackly" (I guess that'd be the word to use?) in Luigi's Mansion. It still sounds like his MK64 voice, more or less. Nowadays, Luigi's voice sounds "wimpier", which I guess is an attempt to play up his "constantly scared" character trait he earned from Luigi's Mansion. It's really noticeable in Brawl.

I'm not going into detail with a bunch of links and stuff for everyone else, sorry. But anyways, it seems like Wario sounds a bit less "sinister" (that's a bad way of putting it, but oh well) than he was in earlier games. Other characters have underwent much less subtle changes. Princess Peach's voice went from this, to this, to her current voice, thanks to cast changes (from Leslie Swan, to Jen Taylor, to Sam Kelly) resulting in completely different voices. And I gotta say...I like Jen Taylor's Peach voice the best. Toad started out simply sounding like a shouting child, but now he has this weird, high pitched raspy kinda thing going on. Bowser usually used voice samples of roars up until Sunshine, where he got a voice. Bowser's voice in Sunshine is very widely criticized, but I personally really liked it. It was deep and "evil" sounding enough to sound believable as Bowser, but he also sounded really goofy at the same time, and I liked that. In that cutscene where Mario confronts him, he almost sounds like Brian Doyle-Murray. Everyone else hates it though. His voice in Galaxy and onward is a deeper and growl-y, you could say. Those are all the characters I can think of at the moment.
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Kind of relevant.
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Wario's voice in the N64 Mario Parties is radically different from his voice in MK64.Even though they're the same voice actor.
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Heh, he sounds like Heavy.


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Wario's voice in the N64 Mario Parties is radically different from his voice in MK64.Even though they're the same voice actor.

They're not though. Luigi in Mario Party 1-2 (but not 3), Super Circuit and Japanese MK64 is Julien Bardakoff. Wario in the same games is Thomas Spindler.

I think Martinet's own voice work for the two of them (especially Wario) has changed a bunch because of the Mario Party ones. The deep and gravelly one isn't really unfitting for Wario, but then neither is the higher one like in our MK64 and WarioWare.
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Wario in that Mario Party 3 video reminds me of the Japanese voice for Wario in Mario Kart 64 (possibly the same voice actor?)


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From the video that I posted (which actually uses some info from TMK), I think Thomas Spindler voiced Wario in all of the three N64 Mario Party games.
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When I think of Wario's voice, I think of Wario Land 4 (and by extension WarioWare, since they use a lot of the same voice clips.) Wario's voice, in my mind, will always be overprocessed and compressed to fit on a GBA cartridge.

I like to imagine all the other characters have normal voices, and whenever Wario talks, it's this garbled, reverb-laden nonsense, and everyone just kinda rolls with it.
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My mental image of Wario in general is always that of Wario World. Voice, mannerisms, the whole thing. When I think of him in WarioWare I just picture that but wearing the biker outfit.

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When I think of Wario
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Heh, Wario's old Mario Party voice always sounded like Bluto from Popeye to me.

I've always wondered why Luigi's voice changed so much from the N64 days to Luigi’s Mansion. Was it something Mr. Martinet felt needed changing or was it Nintendo? That would be a much more interesting question to ask Mr. Martinet in an interview then the tired “So how did you become the voice of Mario?" question. I'm pretty sure everyone knows the answer to that one by now.

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This gives me a chance to chime in with something here.

Mario's voice has been largely the same since Mario 64, but before that, there was a case where his voice was low-pitched.

A long time ago, there was a typing tutor for the computer called Mario Teaches Typing. I have it, and it runs on my old black and white Mac Plus. I'll have to boot it up sometime to check (I do have the computer, and yes, it works) but I think I remember hearing somewhere that the voice was actually that of Charles Martinet.

Speaking of consistency, I noticed today in the Smash Brothers credits on N64 (which I normally bypass but actually didn't today) that his name was spelled "Martinee". It sort of makes sense since the name is French and would be spelled similarly (like "matinee" or "melee"). Source: I have a French last name ending in "et" which sounds like the "ay" sound.

Luigi has a ton of voices. Some of the late 90s/early 00s stuff has him with a really high-pitched voice. The Game Boy Advance version of Mario Kart has a voice where he sounds like he's 12 years old. He wasn't as monotone in Mario Kart 64 as other games, too.

I think they've changed the Peach actress a few times, but she was definitely lower-pitched in the early N64 games.

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We've already established that Luigi has been voiced by someone else before Charles Martinet, but Martinet initially gave Luigi a deeper voice for the US release of Mario Kart 64.

Similar situation with Peach. She's had about four different voice actresses by now.


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Speaking of consistency, I noticed today in the Smash Brothers credits on N64 (which I normally bypass but actually didn't today) that his name was spelled "Martinee". It sort of makes sense since the name is French and would be spelled similarly (like "matinee" or "melee"). Source: I have a French last name ending in "et" which sounds like the "ay" sound.
It was also spelled like that in Mario Party 1 and 2.