Author Topic: If Smash Bros. had a sequel, what arenas should it have?  (Read 1335 times)

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The first Smash Bros. had very colorful, enjoyabe and inventive backgrounds, but I think they could expand on what they have. An idea I have is Bowser's Castle.

Any other suggestions?

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How 'bout the Pipe Maze?  Like it was in "Mario Bros. 3" with the Venus Flytraps as hazards only in 3D.  Or something like "Shifting Sand Land" in "Mario 64".

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there is two sequls

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Dude, this is just pathetic. You bumped a topic from 2000. 2000!!!! It SIX [edit] years old!!!!!! I was right. You don't belong on message boards.
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The Chef, you're not obligated to respond to every post that you disagree with. Such comments, especially your most recent one, are in no way a help to either the offender or those who are in charge.

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