Author Topic: Is anyone else sick of all of these new characters?  (Read 2092 times)

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Nintendo has had a long prosperous history in the video game business.  They produce fun games and interesting characters, but it seems that lately they have started a bad habit.  They produce to many new characters and giving them games, when they could be spending time making good games for the characters they already have. An example of this is Diddy Kong Racing. I've never played it, and it probably was a fun game, but like my good friend Turtle Tek says, "That should have been the sequel to Mario Kart 64."  This makes sense. They had to have spent a lot of time making up these characters and giving them histories, while they could have just as easily made another excellent racing game with the already existing Mario characters.

I would greatly appreciate any and all feed back.

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If you ask me, one of Nintendo's biggest mistakes was having different Kongs star in the "Donkey Kong Country" sequels (though I like the Kong team in DK64).  And Wario taking over for Mario in "Mario Land 3"? Come on!  
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happysnorlax- This is interesting question to hear from an obvious Pokemon fan.  Come on, the Gold and Silver Pokemon sequels have, like, 150 new characters? ;)

I have to agree, the whole 'Waruigi' thing is a bit much, although I shouldn't judge the poor guy before he comes out in a game...
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The other Characters in DKR are what we like to call "filler" characters. They're just there to fill up spots and no one really gives a Hamster about them. (Sorry Fans)

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uh, all those games were done by Rare. All Nintendo did was release them.

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the DKR characters were sort of "teasers" for future Rare games, too.
Like the way Tip-Tup appeared in Banjo-Kazooie or Krunch in DK64.
Who knows what characters will be returning in BK2 or Conker's BFD.

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Yeah.  I can remember when I got DKR, and all  over the manual it has disclaimers saying Rare had exclusive copyright on Banjo, but it said nothing about the other characters.  
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