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He also drinks bacon.
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I always figured "Time to tip the scales" was Wario's everyday motto.

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incidentally, I went to target the other day and saw those A&W floats there, bought some. They're not as good as I thought they would be.
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Contrary to any logical expectation, they actually don't taste like root beer or ice cream.

They taste like brown licorice.

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I have 3 bottles of IBC Root Beer in my pantry. I'm waiting for a special occasion to crack open one.


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For the ladies.

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Meagan took a pic of me playin' Super Paper Mario.

The new me. The beard is in order... finally after almost 5 years of having to shave it off because of school dress code. Check out page 90 of this topic to see my older pics.... there's a huge difference!!!

Givin' the look.

The Wii and some other things in there. Trust me... that is not my whole collection. That's just the set up right now for crap I play. Crappy Yamaha PSS-160 keyboard made it in that shot, too. Wii Play and Wii Sports in there somewhere.

The TV where it all happens. Take note of the Beavis and Butthead picture I hung up that neighboring city paper ran about MTV, the Temple Daily Telegram.

Nintendo.... need the cables for it, two Super Nintendos... one never worked, one my friend broke....DS that I got for 5 dollars with two games free....and my newsboy cap that you can unbutton and it looks just like Mario's hat. Notice the M... I cut out sideburns, nose, and the 'stache for Halloween at my school junior year... there was obviously no red cap so I just put a paper on my shirt that said "Secret Service Mario" on it. Everyone loved it.

Figured everyone would say WEHRE R UR TRENS, TRENMAIN so here are just a couple. Locomotive to the right is an HO scale SD-75, tall freight cars in the middle are auto-racks, and the very left is a grain hopper. There's a bunch more.... I used to have a layout!!

Assortment of board games. Dunno how that got in there but whatever.

Grizzly, the stuff that gets it done. Say what you want, but I just wanted to throw that in there.

This got blurred for some reason.... me chillin' outside the house talking to my girlfriend and my buddy, Jon. Just built that fence.

Texas sunset. Taken on FM 2305 just coming out of Temple's downtown area (we were coming from the skatepark). Awesome, isn't it? Today it was 101º in the shade! Good Lord...
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I wish I had a cool looking you can see, all I have is a very weak looking mustache and a stubble. I've also lost about 20 pounds since my last photo.

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Pictorals that talk about a girlfriend but don't show the girlfriend. Come on Train, what is this.


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Oh, keep in mind....I hope some of you don't think this is fake or something because that would probably really make me mad. This is my girlfriend for real and I have many ways more than one to prove it.

PaperLuigi, eh, I know what you're trying to say about having a punk beard and all, but personally, I'm definitely not trying to go for that look. Everyone and their mother lately has been trying to do the beard look after being like OMG PATRICK (me, duh) UR BEARD IS PRETTY NEAT0RZ but then they wear something crazy like bowler cap with weird and/or punk clothing or something just over-the-top punk and just ruin the the whole point of being bearded by playing with it while trying to pick up girls so they'll notice it. What I'm trying to say is..... I have the beard because I have the beard... I've been having to shave this motha since I was in my latter months of being 14... so having to take care of it forever... I think I deserve to be the beard guy lol. I like having the most killer beard at this age lol.

Okay, so back to the point... lemme show you my girlfriend:

Here's Meagan on the phone lying on my bed.

Meagan with her tongue recently pierced... eh I think we were going to the skatepark that day.

Wow, a local ricer... Lambo doors on a disgusting Eclipse...ugly rims, huge fart pipe, Matchbox-cars-looking blue interior, TRIBAL FLAMES ON THE DOORZ and I could bet you anything in the world that he's got a "CUSTOMZ SHIFT KNOB AND BOOST GAUGES" from Honda Tuning (yet it's a Mitsubishi). When he fired it up it sounded like a ****ed off bumblebee trying to fight a lawnmower running on nitrous.
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Judging by the whiteness of her tongue, I'd say she either has celiac or a poor liver.  Or maybe it's just the picture...
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Maybe it's the horrible makeup people think they should wear these days.
That was a joke.

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People wear makeup on their tongues?


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Here's pictures of my games

First off, Neo Geo Pocket Color. That one game is in Japanese, so I'm incapable of playing it. I hope to get the US version soon.

Then here's Game Gear and Virtual Boy games. You can also see my Game Boy Printer, missing the battery door unfortunately, also with no paper.

Game Boy games, original, Color, and advance. Also my e-Reader collection. You can see my GB Game Genie, and my two Game Boy Pockets, and my Virtual Boy controller landed in there. As you can see, I've been on a major Game Boy (original) spree lately. You can also see my GBA radio adapter. Horrible thing that causes bad quality, but it was free. I also still have my old Game Boy Camera.

My PSP games, as well as my three Atari 2600 systems. You can also see my awesome bullet bill wallet.

Dreamcast and Atari Jaguar. Also in this picture is my SNES and two videos sent by Toys R Us to advertise games by Rare.

Atari 2600 for the first five columns, except the four games on the top of column five are 7800 games. Then that game between the Atari and Sega Master System games is for Colecovision, which I do not yet own. I was told by the guy that it was an Intellivision game, then as I said, Master System games. Then my Intellivoice and Intellivision games.

NES games, self explanatory

Sega Genesis and 32X

Sony Playstation and Playstation 2 games

SNES games, about 10 unplayed, since my SNES's ac adapter broke

Wii, Wii games, Wii accessories, Master System, various accessories.

Sega CD games. The one on the very left is shrinkwrapped, and I can't get myself to open it.

Sega Saturn

Nintendo GameCube
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Ditto used Machop!