Author Topic: Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle announced for Europe  (Read 4355 times)


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« on: July 22, 2015, 12:32:27 PM »
A limited edition Super Mario Maker Premium Pack Wii U bundle will launch in Europe on September 11, Nintendo of Europe (NOE) announced today in a press release.

The bundle will include the following items:

* Black Wii U console
* Super Mario Maker game disc
* Hardcover art book
* Classic Colours Mario amiibo

NOE's press release did not give any pricing details. The Classic Colours Mario amiibo will also be available to purchase separately starting September 11.

Box art

Link: NOE press release
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I need everything there but the Wii U.

Yes, need.
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Nintendo Australia is also doing the bundle: (releasing Sep. 12)

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NOA will probably also do the Mario bundle. I bet they will delay the release in the US, considering the release date.
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Am I right in assuming that the blue overalls amiibo will be sold separately on release day, then?
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Yeah, the bundle, individual game, and individual Amiibo all come out on the same day in Europe.
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