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The way I see it, we're still getting sweet new games once or twice a generation, with RPGs and spin-offs still coming as regularly as they did before, only we're getting new platformers as well to tide us over. And that's fine.

I'd make the claim that NSMB2 was really the only one that didn't add much, anyway. Wii had 4-player multi, which Miyamoto said he'd wanted in for a while, and U had that and the touch-screen mechanic, which has made griefing infinitely more enjoyable for *******s such as myself.

Besides, I daresay Nintendo won't let the Wii U slide by without a new Galaxy title or something else amazing...
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3D Mario Game™ is supposed to be revealed today, so...

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As well as the next Smash Bros and Mariokart. I'm keeping my hopes high, there is a lot more room for innovation in a 3D game than there is in a platformer.
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^ Bahahahaha.

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Oh good, now Super Mario 3D Land is a sub-franchise. I thought there was some unspoken rule about using "3D" in the name of any console game made after 1997, but Nintendo's always been one to raise the bar.

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It says dreams of grandeur on the top.
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I no longer give a crap what Mario games are called at all. I did until I loved the everloving love out of 3D Love.
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The only thing I've criticized the New series for has been the overflow of irritating voices in the music (BAH BAH, baby Yoshi voice in NSMBU), and its never-changing art direction. I do rather enjoy NSMBU's laser sharp graphics, etc., and hey, it definitely fits the theme. I've always jumped on Donkey Kong Country Returns (and now Tropical Freeze DEFINITELY) for having what I think is the snazziest art style and highest level of organic detail along with action-packed levels. New Mario has always seemed pretty relaxed by comparison, and the Tropical Freeze trailer got me pumped up. Seeing the Mario Kart 8 trailer, it would've been great if THAT had been what 3D World looked like with open, sprawling levels.

Don't get me wrong, I am jazzed about 3D World for sure. I DON'T believe, however, that this is going to be the definitive 3D Mario platformer to define the Wii U platform. Regardless of how polished it looks or how solid the gameplay is, 3D World just couldn't hold a candle to the masterfully crafted Galaxy series. We're only several months into Wii U's 5-7 year lifetime. Nintendo wouldn't punish us by having 3D World be the answer to the Wii's Galaxy 1 & 2.
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I don't think so.
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Im really really worried, just the same stuff of saving the princess at NES style and now with 3D Land  Im like, ¿Cat Mario? are you freaking serious?...
But well atleast they combine 3D, with Nes always-stuff and Mario 2 from Nes and SNES in Mario all, maybe MIyamoto have a trick over the hand

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I can't say that Cat Mario is any sillier than Frog Mario.

Frankly, I'm glad they're willing to be ridiculous.
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Surely you must realize, Godot: If it's new, it's automatically worse than the old just because it's new and not the old.