Author Topic: What is your favorite Super Mario Bros. EasterEgg/Glitch?  (Read 2391 times)

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Tell why it is your favorite EasterEgg/Glitch.


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Easter eggs:
-Ms Mowz as an unlockable partner character in Paper Mario 2. She's great. I'd definitely rank her in my list of top 7 PM2 partners, no question
-Mario turning into a skeleton if he dies by electrocution in Galaxy. There is a hack to the game that lets you turn Mario into a skeleton whenever you want and play the game like that. It looks odd when he gets certain powerups though.
-Donkey Kong as a bonus opponent in Punch-Out!! for the Wii. It's as if the WVBAis actively trying to destroy Little Mac, and reinforces the apparent existence of no rules in the ring, barring that you must wear boxing gloves and punch the other guy.
-That one level of 3D Land being an homage to Zelda, complete with the Puzzle Solved fanfare. As with the last point, I love when the game worlds sort of spill into each other.

-An odd lighting mechanic with Luigi's Mansion casts Luigi's shadow as if the camera were the light source when lightning strikes; when Luigi is talking on the phone, the camera zooms in and angles up a bit, so lightning casts Luigi's shadow above the floor as if he were hanging from the ceiling. Unintentional but super spooky.
-If you hit Mario with Luigi's hammer to half his height in Superstar Saga and then travel through a warp pipe or between some other areas where the music would normally change, it won't.
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Wasn't the SMB 1-up trick originally a glitch?  If so, count that as my number uno. 
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Wasn't the SMB 1-up trick originally a glitch?  If so, count that as my number uno.

Sure. I will count that as your number one.

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Also my favorite Mario Easter Eggs are the 8-bit Luigis and paper mario being 8-bit mario! :)

Now my favorite glitch is world -1 in super mario bros.