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A few responses:

- Your first sentence would explain how Bowser got Bowser Jr. even though he apparently doesn't have a mother.
- Geno has never been confirmed to be a Star Spirit, nor has the 'Star Road' ever been confirmed to be the same place as Star Haven. It feels more like Paper Mario wrote whatever was established in Mario RPG out of existence.
- I think Mario's planet might really be called "Earth".  The world of Dragon Ball was called "Earth" and it certainly didn't resemble our Earth (what with having just one big continent, talking animals living alongside humans, intelligent fictional species of dinosaurs roaming around, cars that can fit inside capsules, houses that look like domes, people without noses, the list goes on).
- I don't think the Angry Sun was a deity so much as a sun-shaped monster.
- If the Star Spirits are exclusive to Mario's planet, does that mean other populated planets don't get to have wishes? Or is Mario's planet the only densely populated world in Mario's universe?
- Seeing how both Galaxies strongly imply the rest of Mario's universe operates on the same logic as his planet (there's ? blocks, coins, mushrooms, planetoids shaped like Yoshi Eggs, etc. all over the place), I doubt there are any that follow real-life rules of reproduction.

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Star Hill became Shooting Star Summit, so I'm going to assume the Star Road (Mario RPG's version) became Star Haven.

I could see Rosalina creating the planets, and then letting local deities take over from there (I guess the Star Spirits kind of watch over Mario's World, though we haven't seen them in a bit).

I agree with CrossEyed's first sentence too.
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I'll take this moment to point out that both Star Hill and Shooting Star Summit are called Hoshi no Furu Oka (lit. "falling star hill") in Japan, so they're quite literally supposed to be the same place even though the location has been moved.

This is giving me an idea for another thread...


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Isn't that more ShadowBrain or Weegee's territory? :P
Dang, I'm losing my timeliness around here.
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I figure other planets have their own deities, who would grant wishes or do whatever. Actually, I almost wonder if the Star Spirits are just for the Mushroom Kingdom, and other kingdoms have their own patron deities, like the Beanstar. If SMRPG is still canon, the Star Spirits at least cover Nimbus Land, though.

And yeah, I wasn't thinking of the Angry Sun as a deity, I was just thinking in terms of "things that should be giant balls of gas burning millions of miles away but are actually four feet tall and within walking distance."
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Is the Beanstar a deity or just a really powerful artifact? I don't remember it talking...

I'm in no position to claim whether Mario RPG is "canon" (I dunno why people keep using that word when Mario doesn't have an officially-recognized canon, as opposed to Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania or whatever else), but if my hunch about it being written away by Paper Mario is somehow true, then I would also take that to mean all the people and places established in it don't exist either. There is definite counter-evidence to this theory, since Shamans appear all over Paper Mario and a Geno doll appears in Superstar Saga.

Here is a list of powerful star-shaped deities and objects, for comparison's sake:
- Power Stars, which appear in both Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. Non-sentient. Appear to protect Peach's Castle and power vehicles such as the Comet Observatory and Starship Mario.
- Grand Stars, which are presumably even more powerful versions of Power Stars as they're a necessary component of the Comet Observatory's core. They can apparently make you gigantic if swallowed.
- Shine Sprites, which gather at the Shine Gate and serve to prevent Isle Delfino from plunging into darkness. They apparently don't like pollution.
- Green Stars, which act the same as Power Stars in Mario Galaxy and act the same as Dragon Coins, Ace Coins and Star Coins in Mario 3D World. They don't seem to have any noticeable differences outside of being green.
- Star Pieces, which are the seven components of the shattered Star Road. Geno needs to find them in order to rebuild it, as without it wishes will not come true.
- The Star Rod, which sits in Star Haven and has the power to grant wishes. Bowser somehow stole it and used it to make himself all-powerful.
- Star Spirits, who watch over the Star Rod and have the power to neutralize it if it ever falls into the wrong hands, provided all seven of them gather together.
- Crystal Stars, seven magic rocks that are necessary to open the Thousand-Year Door.
- The Beanstar, which sleeps beneath the Beanbean Kingdom, requires a pure voice to be activated, and will grant any wish to whomever possesses it.
- The Cobalt Star, which is some sort of star-shaped stone that can power machines such as E. Gadd's inventions.
- Star Cures, three special artifacts that are necessary to fight off the evil Dark Star (if I'm remembering the plot of Bowser's Inside Story right).
- The Dark Star, an ancient evil being that Fawful tried to use to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.
- The Sticker Star, a comet that....brings loads of stickers to the Mushroom Kingdom.