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« on: August 21, 2006, 03:47:50 PM »
Again, I'm not planning on selling any of this stuff, but I just want some idea of what it's all worth.

Nintendo 64, original model (not colored) from 1997 with original box and manual plus original gray controller in very good condition (minimal wear around the control stick area from my hand where the plastic is smooth, but the stick works like the day I bought it).

Blue Nintendo 64 controller with original box, same condition as gray controller.

Red Nintendo 64 controller with original box, same condition as gray and blue controllers.

Memory Card with original box.

Cleaning Kit in original box.

The following games, all in original boxes and with manuals: Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Madden 2000, Triple Play 2000, Tetrisphere

I need a price quote for all of the above items.

Set #2 (which I don't think is worth anything yet but here goes)

Nintendo Game Cube, black model from 2001 with original box and controller, controller in almost new condition

Orange Game Cube controller, does not have original package (which was not a box but rather a hard to open plastic thing that I cut open). In almost new condition, maybe a bit less stiff than black controller (this one is my primary controller).

Memory Card "59", package also missing because of scissor mutiliation but stored in one of my game boxes.

The following games, all in cases with original manuals: Mario Kart Double Dash, MVP Baseball 2004, MVP Baseball 2005, Madden 2003, Madden 2005, All Star Baseball 2002, All Star Baseball 2003 (baseball 2003 game box is slightly imperfect due to damage from my dog).