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I no longer enjoy video games.  Here is my story.

About a year or so ago, I started having some financial trouble.  It was nothing serious, but it cut deeply into my video game playing.  In an effort to be more of an economic gamer, I started some major changes in my video game buying habits.  I started buying used games instead of new games.  I started trading in my vast collection of old games long since played-out to get store credit to buy more games.  I avoided "impulse buys" and bought only games known to be very long or have extensive replay value.

It worked.  It worked too well.  I soon found myself with too many games and not enough time to play them all.  I'm not sure how it happened, but right now I've got probably over 10 games that are just unfinished, half completed, or, in some cases, barely touched.  Now, summer is coming, and I'm going to have a load of free time to play all of these games.  I should be happy, right?

I'm not.  I'm already bored with all of the video games that I have.  I've gotten so many new games recently that they've all started feeling similar to each soon as I picked up a game, I think to myself, who cares?  I've done this before.  Go here, flip this switch, collect this item, shoot this henchman, beat this boss, build this unit, bla, bla, bla.  I crave something truly NEW.  I don't care about the 10+ unfinished games I have.  I care about the 20+ games that I've seen hyped up on IGN that I DO NOT have.

Why?  Why do I have an insatiable desire to BUY games, but almost no desire to PLAY them?  It's incredibly wasteful, and as playing video games is virtually my only hobby (I am a loser with no friends and no life), now that I am losing interest in video games, I really have nothing to fall back on.

You know what they say: when you tire of video games, you tire of life.


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I'm guessing the reason you're sick of video games or whatever is because you don't have anything else to get sick of.  Like, I'll play video games, get bored with them, and go do everything else until it's been a while and playing the video games is fun again.  All you need to do is develop a life besides video games, which isn't that hard, I think and hope and pray.  What's really fun, is making movies with a camera.

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