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I'm not exactly an expert, but I may be able to help with the Yoshi for GB. I can pretty much hook the SNES to my computer and use Super Gameboy to play the game, then simply have my computer record the audio feed. I can't promise the quality will be the best ever, but you'll have it at least....

Site Discussion / Re: TMK credits project
« on: August 01, 2010, 04:49:59 PM »
Hopefully I can provide some sort of assistance.

    * Donkey Konga USA/EUR/AUS
-Have access to it, but the copy has gotten a bit beaten up and won't always run properly. I do not recall at any time seeing any sort of credits roll. The manual is also lost, so I am unable to look into that.

    * Dr. Mario Online Rx USA
-I have done research into this myself as well as asked the people I know who play this copy the most. None of them have claimed to see any sort of credits roll at any point in time. I looked into the Online Instruction manual for information and found nothing. I would personally conclude this as No Credits Exist.

    * Yoshi GB/NES
-I have a copy of the GB version and I do not recall during my years of play ever coming across one. I also am unable to locate the manual for the game. Based on the other old School GB titles I read instructions for, I do no believe the manual would contain the credits. I will try work on this when I can to see if a particular score must be achieved for the credits to roll. However at this time I'd state No Credits Exist.

    * WarioWare DIY
-A friend has a copy and claims that a credits roll is available for viewing at any time. I'll try to get a video recording of the credits ASAP, probably within a couple days.

The following I have access to but have not researched the matter yet:

    * Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    * WarioWare DIY Showcase
    * WarioWare: Snapped!

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