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So, the other day, I had a dream wherein I was the producer or scriptwriter or something for a new comedy series coming this fall. It was about a family of space aliens from a lizard planet trying to integrate into human society through an immigration program set up by the government (basically, The Coneheads). It starred Andy Samberg, but the real twist was its format: It ran on three seperate networks (ABC, Comedy Central, and another one that I forget) with different episodes on the same day. Each episode is viewable on its own, but when seen with the other two, gives you the big picture of the events of that particular "episode arc".

Confusing? Well, let me break it down.

Part one of a standard episode arc would air on ABC at, let's say, eight. It would be a semi-edgy (think My Name Is Earl, or Scrubs) domestic-ish comedy focusing on the parents and little kids of the family and the wacky situations they get into as they fit into the overall plot of the arc. Airing earlier, it would be more family-friendly than the other two versions.

Part two the the episode arc would air on, maybe, TBS at nine. It's definitely edgier, more into Family Guy territory, and would star various members of the alien family and their friends, with moe risque situations and dialogue than the first piece of the arc would allow. References would be made to the other two series as per usual.

Part three (this is the one I imagined focusing on Andy Samberg) would air on Comedy Central at ten, and be tailored to that demographic. Plenty of dirty language, jokes, and situations, but still, y'know, funny. Would probably use censor bleeps over harsher language, and would focus on the twentysomething son and daughter of the family and their shenanigans with the local human population.

All three episodes would be perfectly enjoyable on their own, but when viewed back-to-back as intended, would be even better. Various scenes and situations will be seen from different points of view, and what would seem like one-off jokes would pick up in later episodes of the arc with different punchlines. Hell, maybe they could even add in some promotional gimmick like an ARG or whatever.

Anyway, this is a seriously awesome idea. I'm already stating this is Copyright (c) 2010 me, Glorb, so no TV dude comes and snatches up my idea.


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What's your problem, Cambodian?

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People will ignore it and wait for the DVD where they can see all episodes in sequence.

I seriously thought when opening this thread that it'd be a sitcom about Gordon Freeman. Easy, just take the adventures of Gordon Frohman and put them on TV.

Also, Will Wright is seriously thinking about making a TV show about making a TV show. People send in ideas for what they want to see, and the animators will animate it. This is your chance Internet, make it so Will will show Gordon Freeman battling the Dramatic Prarie Dog while an audience of Colin Mochries in the background cheer him on. On Mars with Abe Lincoln. To Rick Astley music. And Mario fighting sounds.

Or better yet, have it so Will Wright willingly writes his will right-handed.
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You didn't say wot wot.


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You know, I could actually see this working under the right circumstances.

Obviously, it'd have to be three channels all owned by the same parent company, which wouldn't be too much of a problem. Put them all up on Hulu a day or two after they air, and this could work. I'd love to see it.
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A, please don't do bumps like this.
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You're just jealous because you can't come up with an awesome TV idea like that. And neither can I. This Glorb guy is smart.
"I was going to post and say "I have one of those!" because I recognized the hair immediately, but then the rest of the pic loaded and I nearly spit my drink out."

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This Glorb guy is smart.

The only person who would use the words "Glorb" and "smart" in the same sentence is Glorb himself.
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...There wasn't anything wrong with A's bump.

...And I actually liked this idea back when Glorb first posted it.