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Hm, not yet. I'll try that.

Also, can everybody post a list of new wants? I feel like I'm helpless... I feel like helping out somebody else.

You could help me with mine.. :p

All Mario related items

All Zelda related items (though, I have the Triforce and Master Sword, I thought some kind of clothing existed..)

All Metroid related items (the one I know of being the Metroid)

Any more wizard/mage/magical items (I have a Witches shirt!)

Hmm.. really that seems to be all I can think of at the moment.. :D

In your case, keep TTing. Also, I'll need to bring Katie back over sometime.

Then again, it will mean pulling a bunch of weeds again..

It would be great if the game had a weed flamethrower or something.. simpler like Weed Be Gone (tm). :D

Hmm.. weird. My friend came over the other day and brought his little cousin over with him. I was at work at the time, and they went into my room and his cousin played my ACWW (as me!).

I came back to play it, and my town was covered in weeds.. it seems they either knew how to time travel, or did it by accident (I later found that my DS, not AC, was set to year 2099). Anyway, I set it back and MaxVance, Khold and I were plucking weeds when the server crashed.. During the time between the crash and now, I've had some supper and checked my AC bank account.. I have over 500,000 bells!

Unfortunaley, that's the only good news.. the bad news is they upgraded my house (without telling me), and spent all the bells I had in my pocket (prolly ordering things from my catalog). I now owe Nook the 789,000 loan (or whatever it is).

I guess the point of this post is since my game is already messed up from TTing, should I go ahead and TT some more to get a bunch more Bells in my account to pay off Nook? ..or should I just drain my account back to what I had it on (about 50,000) and wait for my account to build up that much too??

Any ideas?? :)

Friend Codes / Re: Super Mario Kart DS: Friend Codes
« on: January 18, 2006, 12:35:53 AM »
I try to be on at least once every night (except for when I work at 9am in the morning).

Anway, I am Jondioso online, and here is my code..


General Chat / Re: Randumb Garfield
« on: January 16, 2006, 06:46:22 PM »

Thank you, Mario!... But our princess is in another castle!

That's nice, but I wanted it to be the way the Retainers said it in the game..

The way I have it is it. :)

General Chat / Re: Toilet paper positioning
« on: January 16, 2006, 03:56:51 PM »
What a strange and unusual topic.. I voted in front, but we also like to keep it free too.

Wow, I hope your source follows through :o

On a side note: Not to be nit-picky, but the wall is called the Mushroom Mural. :p

Edit: but if I change my sig, it won't be historically accurate.

Toad, just ask Luigison if you can hold some of his items, then they will be put into your catalog. I'll loan you some bells if you'd like. Pay me back whenever you want- just like Tom Nook. ;D

But I thought you couldn't order the Mario furniture from the catalog..and I am so confused. I've heard things like the items are hacks (which I read to mean somebody outside of Nintendo created them) or that they are in the game, just extremely difficult to come by.

Can someone fill me in??

and Luigison, if it's possible, <I>could</I> I hold your Mario items so that I could Cat them? :)

I got a note in a bottle from Jon of Crymeah today. It said:

Are you TIRE-d???
Do you need some
SPARE energy?

It had an old tire attached to it. Go figure. :P

EDIT: Does anyone know if red turnips spoil like white turnips do?

Sweet! Someone I know got my Bottle mail. :D

Anyway, yes.. I was there years and years back. I wish I could go back and visit, but I don't think there's anybody left that would remember me..

Also, does anybody have any Mario related furniture they are willing to part with? I don't have nearly enough Bells to pay you back for it now, but I'll do things like clean your town for you or something (as regularly as I can, seeing as I have a real job).

Hey Luigison, I'd like to come visit TMK..

Is it still online, or have you taken it down for the night?? :)

Thanks Max. I won't destroy your town or anything. :)

Hey, I want to visit somebody..

Name: Jon
Town: Crymeah
FC: 0945-5130-4910

As for stuff I would like (I hate asking for things..) I wouldn't mind having one of everyone of the Mario related items and clothing (and headgear?), along with the Zelda stuff.

I can bring apples, and pears! I've only had the game like 2 days, so there's not much I can really do yet.

Mario Chat / Re: Pick a Brother
« on: November 16, 2005, 02:09:04 AM »
I voted Mario. Really, though, if this had been a different poll, I would have voted Toad. :D

Mario Chat / Re: Does Mario Have \
« on: November 16, 2005, 02:06:38 AM »
I think it's ok that he's limited in the 3D games. It's more of a throw back to his earlier adventures.

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