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Fun and free puzzle game, also takes good mouse control.


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Warning: Lots of games ahead. Many of you may have already heard of some of these.

Defense Grid: The Awakening and Immortal Defense, both tower defense games. For those who don't know, tower defense is a sub-genre of real-time strategy games in which you build towers that kill advancing waves of enemies, which are usually confined to a set path. Most of these games are Flash-based (see: GemCraft and Desktop Tower Defense, a DS version of which is being released soon), but a few, such as these two, are stand-alone.

I-Fluid. A platformer in which you play as a drop of water. I don't recall if Lizard Dude mentioned this here, but it's because of him mentioning it in #tmk when the demo was released ages ago that I bought it during the Steam holiday sale.

Peggle and Bejeweled Twist. Most people here have already partially heard of at least one of these (whether via buying the Orange Box on PC and discovering Peggle Extreme or just being aware of Bejeweled), and I'm just here to finish the job. Peggle is sort of a mix between pinball and pachinko, with power-ups and classical music thrown in; a DS version (ported by Q? Entertainment, of all people) containing both of the full-length PC games and new bonus levels was released a little over two weeks ago. (The PC version of the original Peggle is available for $5 until the end of the month, and the XBLA version hit a week ago.) Bejeweled Twist takes the infamous match-3 formula and turns it on its side, then on its head - instead of switching gems to make matches, the player rotates groups of four gems to do so. As it turns out, this and the removal of the "you have to make a match every turn" rule of match-3 are the kind of changes that turns an unfun game into a great timesuck for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Eternity's Child. Best at sucking, anyway. To this day Lizard Dude blames me for his purchase of this steaming pile of crap (despite it being Sunbun's fault for saying to buy the game) - and also he didn't get the achievement for purchasing the game and I did. I'm not linking to it because none of you should want to submit yourselves to this torture. There was a Wii version in development, but I have no idea what happened to it.

Trials 2: Second Edition. Like the incredibly difficult racing in TrackMania but wish it was in dirtbike form? This is the game for you. Also, go ahead and play TrackMania Nations Forever just because it's so good and that particular version is free.

Big Bang Mini. Second-best shmup available for the DS, behind SPAC3 INVADERS EXTR3ME (which has a sequel coming out in Japan at some point this year or next!). These guys also made Nervous Brickdown, one of the neatest treatments of the Breakout genre I've seen.

Retro Game Challenge. Old-school gaming for the new school. Sequel came out in Japan shortly before the US version of the first was released.

These last games are for European DS owners. Unfortunately, none of them are available in the US, and it's doubtful that at least one of them will ever reach us through normal channels.

Bomberman 2. Originally titled Custom Battler Bomberman (a much better name, in my opinion), this is the newest standard Bomberman game. Includes plenty of awesome multiplayer modes (including eight-player WFC, as usual) and an extensive single-player game with an RPGish equipment system and a cyberpunk backstory. (On an unrelated note, I realized months back that Pokémon is probably the closest to a cyberpunk game Nintendo is going to get.)

Freshly-Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Everybody probably has heard of this already, but for those who haven't, it's a game focusing on Tingle, the guy from Zelda who thinks he's a fairy. This game explains why.

Honeycomb Beat. Neat puzzle game that has a lot to do with hexagons and nothing to do with musical timing. Should be a bargain-bin title by now, since it came out a few years ago.

Colour Cross. Picross with colors. Maybe rent it, but certainly not worth a purchase. I don't really know why I'm including it here.

Lots more I don't want to mention right now.

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First up I'll nominate the "Turrican" series (I've played "Mega Turrican" for Sega Genesis and "Super Turrican" for S.N.E.S., which are two different games, not ports of the same).  These are very addictive, very arcade-like techno-space-themed sidescrollers with amazing music.  It is very easy to compare them with the "Metroid" games of their time, and it is very easy to see the "Metroid" games' superiority, but at the same time this series deserves plenty of kudos (and sequels) that just don't seem to be out there.

I agree with you on this one, I have Super Turrican 1 & 2.  It may be a metroid clone, but it certainly holds its own in originality with all the different gun styles and cool weapons.  I liked 1 better than 2, but they were both great games.  Beautiful music in both of them too!  The grappling arm was pretty cool in 2.

I'd also like to say a few of mine:

Gumshoe for interesting concept.  I found it at the pawn shop for 3 bucks, and it uses the zapper.  Basically the guy's walking and you gotta shoot him and he jumps and you can continue shooting him to get him higher to avoid obstacles coming your way.  Challenging, but very innovative.

Star Tropics for of the best RPG-Zelda style games I've ever played, with a cool story and wicked gameplay.

I know somebody already mentioned Little Nemo.  That one was good, and also Maniac Mansion for NES and PC...both were grand.  I don't know how obscure NES Open Golf is, but I loved that game...probably the best golf game I've played on any system.


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I might have said this already, but Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures is pretty neat. It's a bit like a side-scrolling point-and-click adventure, with the twist that you don't control the main character -- you just throw rocks at him. Fun plot, too.
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That is one of the games I like the least.
That was a joke.

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I only like it for it's bizarre factor. Otherwise it's a pretty lousy excuse for a game. Had potential to grow into something better though.

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The only fun thing was collecting cartridges to play the arcade games.
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Anyone ever tried A Bug's Life for PS1?  It's still pretty good after all these years.
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I love you.


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I had it for the N64 and I think I remember it being pretty decent, however the GBC version was terrible.


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This might be cutting it close, but I'd have to say Parappa the Rapper mostly because it's a cult classic. With the craziness of the characters (oh you know, talking dogs, flowers, a tin man looking thing, a full-bodied onion, and a lamb), the weird premise, and a pioneer of the rhythm genre, I think it's definitely an overlooked game for how well it took the rhythm genre head on.

The game is awesome just in its good soundtrack and how the gameplay and music changes depending on how good or bad you're doing which is the exact kind of game I love. I haven't found any other rhythm games that have really matched Parappa's "variable soundtrack," as I've come to call it, except for UmJammer Lammy and Parappa the Rappa 2.

I hear rumors of Parappa 3. That'd be awesome. Hmm, after naming UmJammer Lammy, maybe that should've been the underrated game I needed to mention.
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I really, really like the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy Color.
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You know, so do I. It was really good. I wish its sequel had been released in the US.

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I really enjoyed Road Runner's Death Valley Rally for the SNES when I was a kid.

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I got death valley rally recently and I hated it...the play control was awful