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So yeah, I'm the kinda player who wants to find creative ways to finish off a boss in games, just because I simply think it looks awesome. <airhead talking>

One day, I played Kingdom Hearts II again from the beginning up till that point where you fought the Twilight Thorn. I got it's HP down to 1, but I didn't land a finishing move on it. It played that Reaction Command sequence for the final time, but after when Roxas throws that Keyblade at the boss and falls back to the ground, the boss lands on his head and is defeated, to my surprise. The head slam counted as a Finisher, while Roxas is still lying on the floor! I laughed so hard at that.

If it will make any more sense, I have it all on video here:

So to reiterate the question: Do any of you recall any interesting boss fight experiences that you would like to share? (Examples: Won the boss with 1HP with no items, miraculous victory in the end, seemingly good battle turned upside down, sudden stupid death by accident, etc.)

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Here was something that wasn't fun.

I was playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance, battling Galactus. I was playing as Deadpool, and I switched to Captain America. As soon as I did that, Deadpool jumped off the highway and died (Shouting "HEY! That hurt!").

I ended up losing Cyclops the same way....
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I'm just going to say "Mischief Makers" and leave it at that.

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Since Paper Mario is so easy, I've come up with a number of interesting ways to beat several of the later bosses.

Specifically, My favorite boss is the Crystal King, and since his first attack (shooting Crystal Bits) is so weak, I can load on defense badges and FP-restoring badges, then charge my jump for a practically unlimited amount of time. This leads, obviously, to serious overkill. (Did over 600 damage at one point, heh)
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Right now I'm playing through SMRPG and only saving at the beginning, so when I get a game over, I end up back at Mario's Pad with all the experience (although only for the people in your party at the time). So I just fought the Hammer Bros. at level 24.
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Three things come to mind.

Left 4 Dead: The first time I got punched off a building by a Tank (which is the closest thing to a boss in that game). It was during the finale on the No Mercy campaign.

Half-Life: I was told by other people that you were supposed to leap up and shoot the Nihilanth's brain while you sat on top of it. But by the time I got to that part of the boss I had developed a hatred for it and wanted to kill it quick. I fired a RPG and aimed the laser so it went above its head and curved down into its brain for a one-hitter-quitter (for the brain). Not only that but the boss itself was ominous and very difficult.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: After fighting a giant dragon warrior thing sub-boss the real boss of the game seemed almost easy. I'm told by nerds who play RPG games that often there are secret bosses who are more difficult than the real final boss; but it was the first time I had witnessed such a thing.


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I laughed a good portion of the time while beating General Guy in Paper Mario.

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Dead Rising: The Convicts. Three escaped prisoners in a military jeep who go gunning for innocent people for no reason. Regardless of how many times you kill them, burn their bodies, scatter their ashes in the river, and dismantle their jeep, they return every night. Their music is easily the best in the game, and there's a pretty big number of strategies to take them out.

Resident Evil 4: The first time I played, I was a lowly noob, not nearly prepared for the opening village sequence. On the third time I restart it, I wise up and become much more mobile, running in a big goofy figure-eight around the village square and nearby houses, scavenging for ammo and taking potshots at the occasional knife-wielding dude. And then I meet the first Chainsaw Guy. More chases ensue until I come across a locked door (locked since it leads to a later level). My health is in the red, the Chainsaw Guy is bearing down on me, etc etc. I finally kill him once and for all with my absolute last remaining shotgun round before Ada rings the church bell. Easily the most intense first half-hour of a game ever, even moreso than RE5 (since that opening level was pretty much just a co-op revamp of RE4's opening level).


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It took me what may have been several hours to beat Queen Shroob in PiT, partially because I think I was semi-consciously trying to make it more difficult by using a minimal amount of Bros. Attacks.
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Once, in a battle with the Crystal King, I had him down to 2 or 3 HP left, and I had no FP. Mario was frozen and was also close to death; I had no more Life Shrooms. I had Lakilester as my current partner, and Crystal King had divided into three. I could not hit them all at the same time for lack of FP, but I knew if it didn't defeat Crystal King then I'd lose the battle. So I used Lakilester's Shiny Throw and aimed randomly at the middle one-- and it was the right one. I won the battle in luck.

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Truly intense.

My very first win against Culex was arguably the least-intense battle in SMRPG history: Peach, tactfully equipped with the Lazy Shell, let Mario and Geno perish after a turn or two and held her own for the next fifteen minutes by making liberal use of the eternally-recyclable Star Egg. Since Culex and his crystal cohorts were only capable of depleting one hit point per attack against Peach, my hundred per turn seemed more than reasonable. If that wasn't enough, Culex actually ran out of FP towards the end of the battle, resulting in the majority of his turns being occupied by a "Monster's FP is gone!" banner.

Thirtysomething relatively uninteresting turns later, the battle was mine.
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Yeah these RPG boss battles are really interzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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Ah, yiss. I fought Odin-Powered Dr. Doom yesterday in MUA. Under the pain in my side of a passin' kidney stone. Most agonizing boss battle yet.
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I can't remember his name but it was one of the last bosses, and I thought my one robot was right pimped out, but he was still doing really little damage, and I didn't realize till much later that my weaker robots actually had better weapons.

I literally spent 4 hours fighting him.

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Yeah these RPG boss battles are really interzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
But you still lose the thread:

Half-Life: I was told by other people that you were supposed to