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WOW, i did not know this was such a much visited forum.. never dared to look. lol..

well, ehm I noticed that there are a lot of people here who know a lot more about mario than me...

thats why I would like some help from a couple of you guys..

I am making a TC (total conversion) for duke nukem 3d (actually its a modified version of duke nukem 3d called eduke.. and more specifically for eduke 2.1)

well now, We still need a lot of details on how the enemies work and what enemies we should include.. also what items, what kind of weapons.. and if some one knows about eduke 2.1 we would like a con hacker.. and enemy artists(2d)..

also we would like some feedback from this community.. what do you guys think of the screenshots.. and what do you think of the idea??

I want this TC to be as true to the mario spirit as we possibly can.. thats why I posted..

well I hope you dont see this as advertising.. cuz it isnt.. this is the first forum I posted.. and it stays that way..

TMK is very dear to me, as I had a link to it on my site, from the moment my site was up.

also it has helped me a lot with ideas and the mariopedia RULEZ.. without it, I didnt even knew any names of the mario characters...

the site is located at:

I greet you
and I wanna thank you for taking the time of to read this post.

Y (leader of the Marioland TC developement team)

Vistit Marioland.
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