Who is your favorite Mario series villain?

Bowser Jr.
Elder Princess Shroob
Koopalings (any)

Author Topic: Who is your favorite mario villain?  (Read 50239 times)

Chupperson Weird

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This was not a bad bump at all.
That was a joke.


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That's what she said.

...And by she, I mean Cackletta.
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Fawful the awful waffle.
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Larry and Ludwig, they're awesome!

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My favorite Mario villain is Ganondorf hands down.
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Ludwig Von Koopa is my favourite. It's cool that he and the other koopalings returned in NSMBWii.
So did Luigi ever get any spaghetti?

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My favorite Mario villain is Ganondorf hands down.

Mine is Hitler.
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Did you know the name "Hitler" was banned on Mario Kart Wii online? Sucks doesn't it?
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If "Mussolini", "Pol Pot", "Stalin", "Saddam", and "Russell Crowe" aren't also banned, they're racists.

You know who else was a racist?

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Definitely Bowser. He's just so cool!

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I liked how the Monty Bros. were like a twist villain of sorts.