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Force Dynamics is a company that produces motion simulators for trade show events and the like.  To demonstrate some of the capabilities of their equipment, they rigged up Super Mario Kart with their motion simulator.  If you've ever wondered what Super Mario Kart would be like in a wiggling chair, go take a look.  Sadly, they claim to have sold off the model they had programmed for SMK, so it appears that I might never get to try it out.

Source: Force Dynamics
Direct Youtube Link:
Let's do the Mario, all together now!

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Man, all that vibrating going on would probably loosen my grip on the controller
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I kept yelling, "Power slide! Power slide!" but he would never do it. :(

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Man, that dude was really bad. :|
That was a joke.

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He got a feather but never used it.

Maybe the ceiling was too low?


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I really want SMK to get on VC.
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That guy sucks at SMK.
Ditto used Machop!