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  one of the most popular games in japan.
its all about war.believe me its awsome
its one of the first games i have ever played
(my cousin has it for snes)and its popular like mother,and mother 2(Earthbound a easy rpg and unusal game)its basically just like advance wars! if you want to download it DON'T
fire emblem fans DON'T go there to download it! if
you want to.

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Just curious... where do you live exactly?

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Ooh Heh
That was a joke.

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  i live in California and my cousin bought fire emblem from japan and he is japanese. he
used to live in japan he now lives in  utah and he always got me something from his visit with our other side of the family. im actully half japanese and half american though i was born in stockton,CA and my mom died when i was four, my mom was japanese my dad was english. so i only got to learn the american language, my cousin knows only a little bit of english but he teaches me to speak
japanese but, im not that good.and i can't even write japanese. but im still a RPG master(i dont really understand fire emblem but i play it)my cousin visits california
about once or twice a year.he makes a trip to japan once a year. lucky me i get some
souviners from japan too bad he doesnt work for mr. shigeru, anyways enough of my life story back to fire emblem!


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Hmm. Interesting.
That was a joke.

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Well, ive never played it, but i heard its really cool. and i like roy, but thats only cuz i played w/ him in SSBM. And i also did a little research on the internet, but most of it was in japenese and im a mexican american (to be pollitically correct, but i hate doin that) N e ways, i think anime is really cool and Mr. Driller is stupid looking and hamataro is just like a cheap rip-off of pokemon, which are the root of all EVIL!!!!
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Yeah, I can see that. A guy throwing bricks out of a window for 2 hours.

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What you say!!
Actually, I have next to no knowledge about Mr. Driller or Hamtaro... thus, I have no basis for criticism of aforementioned things... so why do you? Just curious.
And for me to be politically correct (what an artificial concept), I'd be a German Scotch American. But who cares.

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Ooh Heh
That was a joke.


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This is the Fire Emblem general thread I guess.

I have played Awakening for 35 hours since it was released one week ago (plus about an hour and a half with the demo). By comparison, I was at my job for about 29 hours in that same week. ...I may have a problem.

Awakening is the first Fire Emblem game I've owned, incidentally, though I've played a bit of the English GBA ones (actually, I think "a bit" was about ten hours each?).

The DLC maps are a bit underwhelming so far. Good for grinding, though.
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My favorite character and the chick I was planning to S-rank have both died. FML

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maybe someone should remove the link to the rom download site

just a thought

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I've gotten past my crippling mourning and am playing on. I even have a new crush!

What does it mean when you pull up the menu in a battle and the lower-right says:
Left 8
Guard 8

The number obviously corresponds with how many unmoved troops you have but I've never seen the numbers differ. What does guard mean?

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I figured it out. Guard 8 means that all your troops are in "Guard" AI for Auto-Battle. Also, who the HECK would ever use Auto-Battle?

The DLC is poop, especially as an American. It's half nostalgia-fests for games that never came out here and half pay2win gold/XP factories.

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Another thing I like about this game is its use of the wonderful words paralogue and xenologue.

I have six or seven deads but I'm less worried now that I understand this games strange unit power balance i.e., Frederick is strong enough to single-handedly beat every mission and anyone else is a nearly worthless wiener.


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Awakening is fun and, given that I'm over four hours in, I guess it's done better than a lot of RPGs at being engaging early on.
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Galeforce.  I need every single female unit to have it.
"It'll say life is sacred and so is death
but death is life and so we move on"